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Find gourmet caterers for your wedding, anniversary, party, open house, media launch or corporate event. Whether you prefer local, Malay, Chinese, Indian, Western or Fusion cuisine, buffet or sit-down plated meals, canapes or finger food, we have over 170 caterers with delicious menu and package options that will suit your tastes.

Let them know if you have special food preferences or restrictions - for example halal, kosher, diabetic, vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free, so that they can prepare accordingly. Some caterers also provide rental of canopy, lights, fans, air-conditioners, tables and chairs.

5 reasons to hire a caterer for your event instead of cooking on your own

You may love cooking, but cooking for a group of 10, 20 or even 30 people can be a huge effort. If you want to host a big event, but still have time and energy to enjoy it, consider hiring an event caterer to take care of the meals.

Save time and energy

Preparation for a big group will require huge amounts of time and energy compared to usual cooking. Just imagine shopping for 3 full trolleys of groceries, washing 10 whole chickens, and baking multiple desserts at the same time, with a single oven. These activities will take up hours of your time!

Catering can be more affordable

Caterers buy their ingredients in bulk from wholesale suppliers. So, they usually get to purchase these cooking items at a much cheaper price. If you make a detailed calculation on the cost of each item, you might be surprised at how much more it can cost if you do it all yourself. Hiring a caterer can be much cheaper.

Menu variety and more dishes on the table

Your choice of menu is unlimited if you hire a caterer. From Chinese cuisine to Mexican galore, cocktail style to a 12-foot buffet spread, anything is possible when you leave it to the pros. Instead of serving that same old ‘signature' from last year’s party, why don’t you indulge on something else this time around?

Extra hands during the event

Usually a full scale caterer will have two teams working together. The back of the house will turn into a large-scale kitchen and the front of the house will turn into a massive dining area. If you hire a well experienced caterer, you can finally enjoy the event as much as your guests will.

Less food wastage

Minimising food wastage is the general rule for all caterers. So when you want to place an order with a caterer, they will ask how many guest are you expecting. Then they will decide the portion of each meal based on people's eating style, preference and timing.