11 Mouth-Watering Dishes That Will Make You Cater Your Next Party

There are many factors that make a successful event. But none are more important than the food.

Every time you organise an event, you go through the same dilemma. Spend the budget on food? Or spend it on the location?

Your event could be at a beautiful resort overlooking the sea, but if the catering menu is not up to standards, your guests will remember it for all the wrong reasons.

For our money, we would choose food every time. Especially if they look like this:


Check out these catering menu selections

Take a look at these amazing, mouth-watering pictures of best-seller items from the catering menu of our recommended caterers. Good luck planning your next event!

In no particular order, they are:


1. Mussels Linguini (Feast by Justina Yong)

Works of art! She’s also a well-known food photographer.

Mussels and linguini by FEAST by Justina Yong. Source
Mussels and linguini by FEAST by Justina Yong. Source


2. Mini Quiche (House of Croissant Catering)

Little cups of savoury goodness!

Mini quiche. Catering menu by House of Croissant.
Mini quiche by House of Croissant. Source


3. Kharouf Mashwi, Arabian Roasted Whole Lamb (Al-Habib Catering)

Look at it. Just look at it.

Roast whole lamb by Al-Habib Catering
Roast whole lamb by Al-Habib Catering. Source


4. Curry Chicken, Chef Chef Cafe

This would go perfect with some bee hoon or bread.

Curry chicken by Chef Chef Cafe
Curry chicken by Chef Chef Cafe. Source


5. Macaron Tower (Elite Catering)

We don’t dare touch it. So pretty!

Macaron tower by Elite Catering
Macaron tower by Elite Catering. Source


6. Plum Frangipane Tart, 23 Aubergine

Hope you have a sweet tooth.

Plum frangipane tart, 23Aubergine
Plum frangipane tart by 23Aubergine. Source.


7. Smoked Salmon Crostinis, Crudites Events

Perfect little bites!

Smoked salmon crostini by Crudites Catering. Source
Smoked salmon crostini by Crudites Canapes and Catering. Source


8. Chicken Teriyaki Skewers (Perfect Match Catering)

Lots of colours!


Chicken teriyaki. Catering menu by The Perfect Match.

Chicken teriyaki. Catering menu by The Perfect Match


9. Grilled Lamb Leg (Serisaji Catering)


Grilled Lamb Leg by Serisaji Catering
Grilled lamb leg by Serisaji. Source


10. Satay Ayam (Bagus Event and Catering)

It’s all in the kuah, and that’s awesome too!

Satay ayam by Bagus Event and Catering. Source
Satay ayam by Bagus Event and Catering


11. Sotong Lemak (The Tranquerah)

Just look at that shine!

Sotong lemak by The Tranquerah
Sotong lemak by The Tranquerah.


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Featured image by Flickr user azmil77

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