This 1800sqft Mont Kiara condo got a makeover for just RM50K

This 4-bedroom condo unit was initially bland until the homeowner approached R.Works, an interior design firm in Malaysia to give her home a makeover into an exquisitely designed modern abode. 

The client is an independent woman who travels a lot and wanted her home to be a relaxing space that can be easily maintained. When she purchased the condo, it already had built-in cabinets in the kitchen, wardrobes in all bedrooms, air conditioning around the house, and the kitchen island. 

After consultation, the designers created these incredible 3D visuals based on the client’s requests and lifestyle to be emulated in this home. 

About the property 

Developed by Brem Holding Berhad in 2019, Harmoni 2 Residence is a freehold, 54-storey condominium in Bukit Prima Pelangi near Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur. The land bank stretches to 60 acres and consists of 598 units across 3 tower blocks. 

The wide range of facilities includes a swimming pool, BBQ area, sauna room, gymnasium, an open-air multipurpose area, a games room, and a kindergarten. 

This unit is built up of 1,872 square feet, with 4+1 rooms and 4 bathrooms. 

Floor plan for Type D2 unit, Harmoni 2 Residence

Contemporary yet practical

During the requirements gathering between the client and the design team, the client provided some images from Pinterest to conceptualise the design she had in mind. The main idea was for her home to be an industrial sleek concept, aesthetically pleasing and practical. 

The client was interested in the grey colour tone of cement screed but didn’t want the inconsistent patterns that come with it. So, the designers went with grey industrial-textured laminates that resembled the colour, instead of using actual cement. 

“I purposely chose some industrial-textured but subtle materials so as to avoid any inconsistencies”

– Alexis, Interior Designer, R.Works

A purely industrial design would have been hard to maintain so they loosened up the concept by integrating some contemporary elements. 

The colour scheme, sliding panels, and matte steel fixtures of the dining room added to the industrial aspects while some sleek touches include the grey mirrors and grey laminates.

Empty living room before interior design
Dining and living area view before interior designing
Completed 3D interior design by R.Works Malaysia
3D visualization of dining and living area design

The designers also interviewed the client on her lifestyle and living habits. Since she was constantly travelling, the client wanted an easily-maintainable home. Her relatives come to visit once in a while, which is why she also envisioned a relaxing space to spend the day indoors. 

Empty living and dry kitchen before interior design
View of the living room wall and dry kitchen before interior designing
3D visualization of living, dining, and dry kitchen area
3D render of the living room, dining area and dry kitchen
Empty dining area before interior design
View of the dining area wall
3D rendering of fully furnished dining area
3D design on dining area feature wall

Some of the challenges faced by the designers were the unsightly beams and uneven walls in the dining area and master bedroom, which made it difficult to create a seamless design. Initially, the owner wanted to seal up the window and create a full-length bedhead feature. 

However, residents aren’t allowed to without affecting the outer facade of the condo and it would block access to the window in future.  

Instead, the designers found a better solution and built sliding panels around the window. This way, contractors can still access the window if any leakages occur.  

Empty master bedroom before interior design
View of the master bedroom
Master bedroom feature wall before interior design
View of the master bedroom wall with uneven beams and a small window
3D design of master bedroom with a bedhead feature wall
Visualization of the master bedroom with a grey mirror and laminate wall panelling

The major changes made in the unit were the dining area cabinet, feature wall in the living room, the master bedroom’s dressing table and sliding panels, curtains, wall painting, and lighting fixtures. 

The stunning results

Taking all details into consideration, the R.Works designers emulated the 3D visuals identically with strong modern contemporary elements and a streamlined interior layout. 

Living area after interior design with TV console feature wall
Completed interior of the living room area

The contemporary living room is now designed in a sleek industrial concept with tones of grey and minimal furnishing. It also allows plenty of floor space and accommodates a large L-shaped sofa. An artsy metal coffee table is placed in the middle, which plays a dual purpose of practicality and aesthetic. 

Given that these were loose furniture pieces, the client had the freedom to pick her furniture but with the designers’ consultation to ensure they appropriately matched the built-ins of the house.

“For furniture pieces, I would recommend a few stores to the client. She would take pictures of some pieces and ask for my advice”

 – Alexis, Interior Designer, R.Works
Close-up of TV console grey laminate feature wall
Close-up the living room feature wall and TV console

The space also features a sleek concrete-inspired feature wall behind the TV console. To mimic the feel of real concrete, the designers modified it using industrial textured laminates. 

The TV console is black marble inspired, using the same materials are the wall panels with a black stone texture. These materials used were of high quality yet affordable.

Fully designed living area and full view of balcony with drapes
Living room with a full floor-to-ceiling balcony view

The floor to ceiling glass sliding doors allows natural sunlight to fill the living room. The window treatments chosen were heavy drapes lined with sheer ones for better light entry control.  

Interior designed view of dry kitchen, dining, and living area
Completed interior of the dry kitchen, dining area, and living room
Dry kitchen area and kitchen counter after interior design
Dry kitchen area with the pre-installed kitchen island

The kitchen island in the dry kitchen area remained the same, enhanced with two pendant lights to contrast amidst the monotone of greys. 

Fully designed dry kitchen area and grey mirror sliding panel
Dry kitchen area with a grey mirror sliding panel concealing the wet kitchen

The huge sliding panel separating the dry kitchen and wet kitchen are one of the raw industrial elements the designer had featured, and it embodies classiness to the overall interior. 

Furnished dining area featuring grey laminate cabinet with a wide display niche
View of the dining area feature wall

On the other side, the dining area also features a similar cement-like wall panel cupboard for ample storage, to conceal the existing beams behind. In its centre, a wide niche was created to display photographs, plants, and assorted decorative trinkets. 

The grey mirror in the backdrop of the cabinet was added as a touch of sleekness and concealed LED strip emitting warm lighting gives it a cosy ambient feel to the display area.

Fully designed sliding grey mirror  feature wall in the master bedroom
Bedroom sliding panels behind the headboard in the master bedroom

In the master bedroom, the bedhead panelling was one genius way of concealing the uneven beams and fixing the leaky window issue. It also “flattens” the surface for the bed head to lean against. The panels are made of durable matte black aluminium frames, grey mirror, and quality laminate pieces.

“Mirrors are commonly used to enhance the space in an area. It makes the space seem bigger”

– Alexis, Interior Designer, R.Works
GIF of sliding panels of master bedroom feature wall
Sliding panels can be opened from various sides

Handily, this sliding wall panel also doubles as a feature wall. One clever feature of these sliding panels is how it can be moved from side to side to access the window and little wooden shelves fixed up for extra storage.

Customized dressing table in the dead space of master bedroom
Dressing table in the dead space of the master bedroom, behind the door

As a smart way of utilizing the dead space in the corner, this unique dressing table was designed with multiple niches for ample storage spaces. The custom made vanity mirror even emits soft white lighting, given that the corner is slightly dark.

Other parts of the house like the kitchen and bathrooms remained the same, as provided by the developer. Wardrobes, cabinets, the kitchen island, sanitaryware, and kitchenware were pre-installed.

Bathroom of the master bedroom provided by the developer
Bathroom in the master bedroom
Dry kitchen with pre-installed cabinets from the developer
Inside of the wet kitchen area

A Graceful Abode 

The owner was very happy with her new home makeover, convenient and reasonably priced. With the owner being a very busy woman, R.Works handled everything independently and customised their designs according to what the interior required.

Project Details 

Location: Harmoni 2 Residence, Bukit Prima Pelangi, Kuala Lumpur 

Property size: 1,872 square feet

Price: RM45-50k 

Purpose: Interior design makeover 

Design: Contemporary industrial in shades of grey 

Works done: Dining area cabinet and wall panelling, TV console feature wall, master bedroom bedhead/feature wall, curtains, wall painting, and lighting.

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