5 reasons why these Malaysians hired a handyman instead of DIY

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Got a home project that you’ve been putting off? You’re not alone. After living in your home for a while, you will always want to make small improvements over time. Like adding a wall shelf or a TV mount. Or, maybe some areas have started to break down from wear and tear and need repairs. Like the grout or sealant in the shower area, or the cabinet hinges, or window handles.

But, should you DIY or hire a handyman? DIY might save you some money, but if you’re not sure what you’re doing, it could backfire. Here are the top reasons to hire a professional handyman in Malaysia:

1. You don’t know where to begin

Some repairs may need you to dismantle the item (such as a window or shower door), but you’re not sure how to do it. Other problems may be electrical in nature, or plumbing-related, but you can’t diagnose it yourself, so you need help.

Diana from Puchong had a similar problem:

“Was facing some electricity tripping problem that caused me inconvenience. Not able to use all the switches, yet I don’t know what’s the main cause. Also had some problems with my water heater.”

So she booked a handyman from Recommend.my to take a look:

“The price they only charged based on the type of service they provided. They couldn’t come at the timing slot I preferred but it’s understandable since it was on CNY weekend during MCO. Overall felt satisfied to get their efficient service that solved everything.”

2. You don’t have the skill or equipment

Some repairs may need special drill heads, or a tile-cutting saw, or paints and sealants that only come in large tubs. But, why buy these things if you’re only going to use them once? Also, other types of works, such as electrical wiring, can be dangerous to do yourself. And when it comes to repairs, you may not know what spare parts to get.

This was what happened to Hasan from Sungai Buloh. But a quick booking from Recommend.my saved the day:

“They came in, realised they brought a different model, so immediately went back out to buy the right one. They came back later, replaced the faulty model with the new one, and asked if I needed them to inspect anything else. They cleaned the working area after finishing the job, and said farewell with a smile. Definitely recommended.”

3. You don’t have the time or patience to do it right

A home repair can be a big job that takes several hours. But with work and kids, you know you don’t have that amount of time to spare, and the job is not something that can be paused halfway (such as dismantling and repairing your main door).

Jennifer in Maluri had a similar challenge, as she needed help while she was out of the country (this happened before lockdowns):

“I needed him to help while I was out of the country, he took initiative and ownership and did everything very well. Ended up needing to ask him for more help. Top up he requested was very reasonable and in the end he did a few extra things completely for free. Workmanship was very good and everything was done quickly and with no fuss. Would highly highly recommend them!”

4. You tried to do it yourself, but got stuck

You tried some of the YouTube suggestions, but none of them worked. For example, you added lubricating oil to a sticky sliding door, but it still can’t slide open properly. Or, maybe you bought the wrong parts, and need a workaround.

This was what happened to Jaz from Setapak:

“I requested to fix 1 light wiring, and install 4 new lamps. The worker is very efficient. He told me I bought the wrong bulb for the 2nd lamp while installing. So he went out to find an adapter and came back to install the remaining lights the next day. Very responsible guy. Two visits added up to less than 2 hours. Although the worker was late for 20 – 30 min, I can understand as traffic is not predictable. He did show me a picture of his Waze to let me know his ETA. Overall, I’m very satisfied with the job.”

5. You are worried that your repair will not last long

You don’t want to invest in tools and equipment to make the repair, only to have it fail weeks later because you didn’t do it properly. 

This can be especially true for plumbing works, since a poorly repaired pipe or seal could leak again very easily.

Azlan in Petaling Jaya needed a handyman to fix some pipes and this was his experience:

“I asked them to fix 2 broken pipes and install a new sink drainer. I bought the sink drainer myself so they need to install it. They came on time. Work completed within 1 hour. They bought the pipes and claimed for it. Price is reasonable. Recommended. And I will use them again in the future.”

Need a handyman?

To get all your repairs done at one go, compile a list of tasks and submit them the handyman request form at Recommend.my. You should get a confirmed appointment within an hour!

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