8 Ways to Improve Your Bedroom Setup for Better Sleep

According to a study by Global Sleep Survey, sleeping patterns across the world have deteriorated greatly among adults since the COVID-19 outbreak in 2020.

Other than the stress caused by remote working, the concerns with financial challenges, work responsibilities and family’s health and safety contributed fairly to this phenomenon as well.

Having sufficient good sleep is crucial for ensuring high productivity and mental wellness throughout the day. It is the key to overcoming the daily challenges during this period.

Apart from altering your lifestyle, there are several aspects of your bedroom that can be improved to ensure sufficient quality sleep.

Read on to learn about the 8 ways to improve your bedroom setup for better sleep.

1. Arrange your bed optimally

Like most people, you might think that bed arrangement has little to do with ensuring quality sleep. However, certain arrangements may actually lead to better sleep, according to a survey conducted by Sleep Junkie, a website that talks about the science of sleep.

Ideally, placing your bed in the centre of the main wall with little sunlight seeping through can help with getting the most out of your sleep. If you prefer adjusting your body clock according to the sun, a little sunlight can be a good wake-up call.

2. Remove distractions that “steal” your sleep

When it comes to distractions, electronics is the first thing that comes to mind. You might want to remove electronics from the bedroom, be it TV, mobile devices or gadgets. Not only do they distract you from sleeping, but they strain your eyesight as well.

The scientific reason for this is that electronic devices like mobile phones, tablets and TVs emit blue light to your eyes through their screen, which signifies to your brain that it is daytime. As a result, you will struggle to sleep.

Smart phones and electronics in bed make it harder to sleep
Blue light emitted from electronics inhibits melatonin production, making it harder to sleep

3. Optimize bedroom’s lighting for sleep

Turn off all electronic or artificial lighting before sleeping. If you were to use a computer or handphone before sleep, try switching it to night light. This will greatly reduce the emission of blue light, which helps soothe your eyes and ensure better sleep later on.

Keep the lights as dim as possible before going to bed. Nevertheless, this can be challenging as most lamps come with fixed brightness and colour. You could try installing a table lamp or wall lamp with dimmer yellow light. Built-in lighting could make it so much easier to manage lighting as well while providing a sleeker interior. In addition, a sleep mask is a good investment too.

4. Choose cooler colours for your bedroom

Cooler tones like blue, lavender, grey, silver and green are known to induce calm and soothing feelings. Experts claimed that cool colours lower blood pressure and heart rate to help ensure a quality night’s sleep.

Avoid warm or bright colours like red, yellow and orange. According to a study by Minnesota State University, people in red rooms had higher rates of stress compared to those in green or white rooms. Thus, red could increase blood pressure and heart rate.

In general, avoid dark colours as well. However, they make it easier to sleep during the day. So, if you are a shift worker, you may want to opt for dark colours.

Changing the colours of your bedroom is the most time-consuming and effortful chore. Why don’t you leave it to our professionals? Hire our top-rated professional home painters to splash some colour in your room.

Lavender in the bedroom is good for sleep
Lavender is a suitable colour for its cool undertones that encourage calmness and drowsiness

5. Improve your bedroom’s hygiene and tidiness

Declutter your room at least once a week because clutter is the top sleep disrupter and it tends to cause deterioration to your mental health. Make your bed every morning to keep your room tidy and improve your productivity for the day.

After everything in your bedroom has been organized, don’t forget about cleanliness. Dust on the furniture and fans can be sleep killers if you don’t clean them. Suffering from continuous sneezing is a sign that you should clean the dust.

Tired of cleaning them? Book home cleaning services with our cleaning teams to sort out your room and improve your sleep!

6. Upgrade or take good care of your bed and sheets

The weather of Malaysia is the top reason why you should choose sheets that make you feel comfortable and cool. Most of us are hot sleepers and that’s why we have to pay attention to thread count when choosing sheets.

While most people assume that sheets with higher thread count are better, this isn’t necessarily true. A thread count over 400 may trap body heat, which can be a problem for most Malaysians. Needless to say, choose sheets that you feel the most comfortable with.

Other than that, you should invest in pillows based on firmness and durability. Pillows that are too firm might put tension to the back of your neck while pillows that are too soft will fail to support your head.

Lastly, wash your mattress and sheets at least once every two weeks. This can be tough especially when you don’t have the right tool. Consult our mattress cleaning professionals to give it a well-deserved deep clean.

Cotton bed sheets are good for restful sleep
Cotton bed sheets are perfect for our warm weather to keep you cool throughout the night

7. Make sure your room has a pleasant smell

Study has shown that aromatherapy with essential oils such as lavender and peppermint can encourage relaxation and make it easier to fall asleep. Avoid using fragrance and body spray which have strong scents that cause distraction, save those for your date.

Having the right scents in your bedroom can help cultivate a calming environment for enjoying quality rest. Moreover, it’s good to keep the room smelling fresh and well ventilated.

8. Be cautious of the sound.

While sound is the number one sleep-wrecker, most people completely ignore it when it comes to setting up their bedroom. External noise can lead to undesirable awakenings, and these disruptions are related to the decline of both sleep quality and overall health.

Investing in a white noise machine may help cancel the uncontrollable outside noise. You can also play calming music with your speakers to make your bedroom better suited for falling asleep.

Step up your sleeping experience

Setting up your bedroom for optimal sleep quality could simply be the best investment you’ll make for your body, and it’s worth spending the extra effort to redesign your bedroom. Consult our professional interior designers to optimize your bedroom layout, colour scheme, style and more!

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