Air Con Installation Videos That Will Make Your Knees Weak

Insane Air-Con Installation

The next time you complain about your air-con installation in Malaysia, spare a thought for these daredevils.

This aircon installer is carrying a compressor that easily weighs over 15kg. The vertigo-inducing moment is when he steps across a ledge and the camera looks down to show you just how high up he is.

Aircon Chemical Cleaning

Air con installation

Air con installation



Another video: Xi’an City, China. This guy realises that, in order to reach the compressor ledge, he needs to climb out the window and around the outside corner of the building.

It looks like he’s about 12 floors up. So, with safety in mind, he ties a rope around his waist and gives the other end to three guys in the room, who promptly grab hold of it with nothing but their bare hands.

Air con installation

Air con installation


One last one: Instead of accessing the ledge from inside the apartment, why not use a ladder?

This ladder is six stories tall! Here’s a stitched image:

Air con installation

Thankfully, there are many recommended air-con installers in Malaysia who have the qualifications (and safety equipment) to handle these jobs properly. Let us know if you need a quote from them!

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Videograbs from Youtube.

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