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Cost of Aircon Servicing in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor

It’s not easy to get a straight-up list of aircon servicing price in Malaysia. For Klang Valley, prices can vary wildly due to dishonest contractors who may inflate prices. So, it’s hard to get a fixed price list for aircon services covering the urban areas of Selangor and Kuala Lumpur.

That’s why, has prepared a price list of the most common aircon services. These tasks are performed by verified and reliable air conditioning service companies that we have compiled from across Klang Valley (and throughout Malaysia, too).

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List of Aircon Servicing Prices in Klang Valley (as of Oct 2018)

All prices are indicative only and subject to change at contractor’s discretion. Prices also include cost of common aircon repair services, such as aircon leaking, aircon not cold, and more.

Item Price per unit (RM)
General aircon cleaning 1HP – 2.5HP (split unit) RM100 for single unit

RM80 for 2-3 units

RM60 for 4 units or more

General aircon cleaning 2 – 2.5HP (ceiling cassette unit) RM250 for single unit

RM230 for 2-3 units

RM200 for 4 units or more

Aircon chemical cleaning 1HP – 2.5HP (split unit) RM150 for single unit

RM120 for 2-3 units

RM100 for 4 units or more

Aircon chemical cleaning 2 – 2.5HP (ceiling cassette unit) RM370 for single unit

RM350 for 2-3 units

RM320 for 4 units or more

Aircon top up R-22 gas (split unit) – when aircon not cold RM70 to fill from empty unit

RM50 / unit as part of general cleaning

No charge if part of chemical cleaning

Aircon top up R-410 gas (split unit) – when aircon not cold RM40 – 90 / unit as part of general cleaning (depending on type of aircon)

No charge if part of chemical cleaning

Aircon installation (split unit) From RM250 – 410 / unit depending on HP
Aircon installation (ceiling cassette unit) From RM450 – 650 / unit depending on HP
Extend aircon piping RM13 – 26 per ft
Aircon checking / diagnostic (this one-time fee can be waived if you hire the contractor to make the repairs). For checking aircon leaking, aircon cannot switch on, aircon smelly and more. RM80
Replace aircon capacitor Compressor capacitor: RM150

Outdoor unit motor capacitor: RM80

Indoor unit blower capacitor: RM80


Details of aircon servicing price

Aircon general cleaning

An aircon general cleaning is done to clear dust, grime, mould and other debris from the indoor blower unit or the outdoor compressor unit. It should be routinely carried out every 3 to 4 months to keep your aircon in top working condition. Otherwise, dust buildup can overwork your aircon may cause damage. A dirty aircon will also pollute the indoor air.

An aircon general cleaning will typically involve wiping and vacuuming the fan blades and fins, washing the dust filters, vacuuming cleaning the rotary blades, checking the drainage pipes, and inspecting the gas/refrigerant pressure levels.


Aircon chemical cleaning

An aircon chemical cleaning is a more detailed and thorough cleaning compared to general cleaning. In addition to general cleaning, this task also includes opening the blower unit and removing the rotary blades for cleaning. The outdoor compressor is also opened to clean the fan and inside of the casing. All cleaning is done using a special chemical wash to remove dirt and grime. Aircon chemical cleaning is normally done every year.

Dirty aircon fins and filter
Above: Don’t let your aircon become this dirty. Source: Up Your Home Services


Top up gas

The refrigerant gas (sometimes known as the coolant or freon gas) is an important component of any aircon unit. It flows back and forth in a closed system between the outdoor compressor and the indoor blower through the aircon piping. Aircon gas is compressed by the outdoor compressor, where it cools down. Then the aircon pipes carry it to the indoor blower unit. As the indoor air is circulated over it, the air is cooled down, and the gas is warmed up. Then the warm gas is brought outside to the compressor to be cooled down again.

But, if there is a tiny leak in any part of this process, the aircon gas can gradually seep out of the aircon system. As a result, cooling is affected, and warm air starts coming out of the blower unit. To fix this, the aircon technician will need to fix any leaks, then top up the aircon gas to full pressure.

If the leak is not severe; for example, the warm air only occurs every 2 years, your aircon pro can simply top up the gas once every 6 months. But, if your aircon starts blowing warm air every 2 months, then you have a bigger leak, and the aircon unit needs to be inspected to fix it.

Checking aircon gas pressure
Above: Checking aircon gas pressure


Types of aircon refill gas

Different types of aircon units may use different types of refrigerant gas. The most common ones in Malaysia are R22, R410A and R32.

R22 is one of the most common aircon gas used in split unit aircons. However, it is harmful to the ozone layer, and Malaysia has plans to phase it out over the next few years. R410 and R32 are newer types of aircon gas that have less impact on the environment, and are commonly used in newer inverter units. Read more: Difference between inverter and non-inverter aircon

Aircon units are designed with a specific type of aircon gas. So, if your aircon currently uses R22, it’s not possible to replace it with R410, for example. The best way to minimise the environmental impact is to maintain your aircon regularly to prevent leaks.


Dismantle Aircon

Homeowners moving into a resale home may want to dismantle existing aircon units. For example, if they don’t need any aircon in a certain room. Or, if the existing aircon is an old-fashioned casement (the one that leaves a big square hole in the wall). While it’s possible to dismantle an aircon yourself, it is recommended to leave it to a professional. This is because the dismantling may release harmful aircon gas into the atmosphere. A professional technician will have the right equipment to store waste aircon gas for proper disposal.


Install Aircon

Aircon installation should only be done by a professional. This involves four main parts:  installing the outdoor compressor unit on a suitable bracket, cutting access ports in the wall to lay aircon piping, mounting the indoor unit in different rooms, and cutting access ports in the wall to lay drainage piping.

The number of compressors compared to the number of indoor blower units are expressed as a system. For example, System 2 means 1 compressor can support 2 blower units. Similarly, System 3 means that 1 compressor can support 3 blower units.

When installing System 2 and higher, you may need much longer piping to connect the compressor to the blower units that are further away.


Extend Aircon Piping

If your blower unit is very far away from the outdoor compressor, you will need to extend the aircon piping to reach it. An aircon installation contractor will usually provide 10 feet of piping for free, but there will be a charge for every additional foot of piping beyond that.

There is also piping with different thickness. The thicker the piping, the more resistant it is to wear and tear or leaks. Some homeowners may choose thicker piping if their pipes are exposed to strong sunlight.


Replace aircon capacitor

A common electrical problem that may cause your aircon to stop running is a faulty capacitor. A capacitor is used to start and stop the aircon, and is found in the blower unit, the outdoor compressor, or the outdoor motor. Your technician will know how to open the casing and replace the capacitor with the correct replacement parts.

Cost to replace aircon capacitor in Malaysia
Above: Replacing aircon capacitor


Aircon Checking

Some aircon problems are hard to diagnose. For example, water dripping, odd smells, noises, or even ice forming on the aircon units. In such cases, you will need to ask your aircon repairman to do a full diagnostic check on the unit before recommending a suitable fix. A service charge may be required even if the repair is not carried out.


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