12 Minimalist Black Kitchen Cabinet Designs

Clean, clutter-free and with only the bare essentials in sight, many have come to love a minimalist interior design style. The concept usually features clean, bright and light decor aesthetics and interior design principles that encompass the ideas of minimalism.

It’s a simple and inviting space that can be reincarnated into any room, of every home. There is a sense of zen that circulates the atmosphere of these spaces that draws in so many. A refreshing ambience that is designed to let the eyes rest, providing a calm space to rest, relax and focus on tasks at hand.

The minimalist design concept is similar to the modern interior design concept. Both incorporate the idea of simplicity in order to create an uncluttered space. Focusing heavily on clean lines and a monochromatic palette, that incorporates colours and textures as accents. However, the main difference between the two is the fact that modern interior design allows for a degree of spontaneous decorating, while minimalist design is about designing with pieces that serve a purpose.

White minimalist kitchen with bare minimum fixtures
A minimalist kitchen doesn’t include frills and unnecessary decor. Source

Kitchens have recently become a popular minimalist space in the homes of many Malaysians. Neutral tones and fully white walls and off-white counters with textures, along with accent pieces that bring the space together. All of these elements provide a relaxing and functional kitchen to cook classic favourites from Nasi Lemak to Mac ‘N’ Cheese.

But if the neutral palette of traditional minimalist design is not for you, perhaps consider something darker and edgier with the same interior design principles of minimalism. There are some fantastic kitchens with bolder and moody aesthetics that are sophisticated and elegant with clean and clutter-free counters.

Here are 12 minimalist black kitchens to inspire you to be bold with your design yet particle for full kitchen functionality:

1. Black Cabinetry With Gold Accents

Minimalistic designs don’t have to be various shades of just one colour. Instead, accents of metal such as gold and brass will create a sleek and luxurious look and feel against a black minimalist kitchen.

You can opt for a black marble backsplash with hints of gold or white throughout the pattern to elevate further. Simple industrial low hanging lighting help tie the space together when paired with chairs that are a mix of the primary and accent colours.

Black kitchen cabinetry with gold cabinet door handles and sink fixtures
Black kitchen cabinetry with subtle gold cabinet door handles and sink fixtures. Source
Black kitchen cabinets with gold kitchen island bar stools
Black kitchen cabinets with attractive gold bar stools at the bar counter. Source 

2. Modern Designed Black Kitchen

Modern kitchens come in various designs and colour schemes, from clean white to bold reds and brilliant blues. An underrated design is the classic and sophisticated black modern kitchen.

Create a distinguished look by mixing textures, such as metals, marble, wood finishes and even leather. These various textures can be designed into the backsplash, open shelving or flooring. White and grey countertops are a great way to make the kitchen feel homely and look elegant.

Black kitchen cabinetry with leather door handles and light toned accents
Leather door handles and light-toned accents give this black kitchen cabinet a fashionable twist. Source
Sleek black kitchen cabinetry with a large window view into the living area
Sleek black kitchen cabinets with a large window view into the living area. Source

3. Seamless Minimalist Black Kitchen

A seamless black kitchen design is a great option for those looking to create a Scandinavian inspired kitchen. Clutter-free countertops and cabinetry with a seamless look to store away everything you need all while trying to utilise every inch of space.

Enjoy the practicality of wall to wall storage with simple cabinet doors, a favourite feature of this design type.

Seamless black kitchen cabinets with kitchen island
Seamless matte black kitchen cabinets that lay in with the wall. Source 
Scandinavian-styled black kitchen cabinetry with a light wood bar counter
Scandinavian-styled black kitchen cabinetry with a light wood bar counter. Source

4. Kitchens With Black Kitchen Islands

Most all-black kitchens are designed with light coloured countertops to add a pop of brightness to the space. However, an all-black counter is a unique and sleek design idea. The black kitchen island space pops against a wall of white shelving and cabinetry.

Have the counter be an island or emerging through the wall, it will be a bold alternative that is a subtle version to an all-black kitchen.

Minimalist white kitchen with solid black kitchen island
A black kitchen island stands out against the white minimalist design. Source
Black kitchen counter with light contemporary fixtures and decoration
Black kitchen counter with contrasting contemporary fixtures and decoration. Source

5. Full Black Kitchens

Create a clean, edgy and sophisticated kitchen with one solid colour by making sure to incorporate different textures throughout. You can do this with textured black backsplash and black wood finishing or matte black cabinets with the right lighting, such as puck lights, LED lights, or fluorescent bar lights.

Any of these lightings will help make sure that the space doesn’t feel cramped, which might happen with dim lighting. Black on black can be striking when done right, and with pops of colour with flowers or fruit bowls to draw the eye into the space.

Fully matte black kitchen with a kitchen island and cooker hood
Smooth matte black kitchen with a kitchen island and cooker hood. Source
Modern minimalist black kitchen design with hanging lamps
Hanging lamps and plants lend a modern and cosy effect to a full black kitchen. Source

6. Black Kitchen With Marble Touches

Nothing screams elegance like black with marble incorporated spaces, and the kitchen is no exception to this much-loved interior design theme. Marble backsplashes and countertops help give black kitchens a mature and luxurious atmosphere.

The right colour, texture and design of the marble play an essential role in creating an interesting and stunning kitchen.

Black kitchen built-ins with marble counter tops and backsplash
A grey marble countertop and backsplash paired with black cabinetry. Source
Modern black dry kitchen with a large black marble backsplash
Modern designed dry kitchen area with a large black marble backsplash. Source: Hoog Design

Step into the dark side

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