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How to Buy Furniture on a Tight Budget After Renovations

After you have done your home renovations, it’s time to fill it with beautiful furniture!

But, buying furniture can be costly, and after paying for your renovations, you may be on a much tighter budget than you realise.

Here are some tips on finding furniture that will fit your budget.

Go off the beaten path to smaller furniture stores

Even though there are plenty of large furniture chain shops in Malaysia, why not go to smaller neighborhood furniture shops or smaller furniture stores?  Firstly, these stores will carry furniture pieces that have not been massed produced, so you a have higher chance of finding one-off designs. You may also be able to bargain when buying furniture from these shops.

Look for FREE delivery

If you want cheaper charges for extra services like delivery and furniture assembling, make sure you shop around. You can opt to shop at smaller furniture shops, as most will offer free assembly and will charge a small delivery fee. Larger furniture stores will charge for home delivery which can start from RM80. But that does not include assembling the furniture for you, which will be a separate charge. All of these additional charges can really add up, and you could end up paying an extra RM100 or even more to have your furniture delivered and assembled.

Consider shopping at smaller furniture stores. The delivery charges may be lower, in fact, depending on the shop, you may not even be charged for assembly and delivery.

Use the right credit cards for 0% instalment options

When shopping at chain furniture shops, make sure you pay with the right credit card. This is because you can enjoy 0% interest instalment payment plans at participating merchants. Do check if your credit card offers instalment payment plans, and check the list of merchants you can shop at to enjoy that benefit. It will help as you can then spread out your payment when making big purchases, without additional interest.

Consider getting some help with a personal loan

Ultimately, when purchasing furniture, you should make sure it can stand the test of time. This may be a little more expensive but it will be able to endure heavy use such as a higher quality mattress, sofa, and dining table. If you’re short of cash, consider getting some help by way of a personal loan to fund your furniture purchases, and the loan amount can also be used for home improvements at the same time.

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