A Guide To Disinfecting Your Home The Right Way

As Malaysia sought to contain the outbreak of COVID-19, the Prime Minister announced a restricted movement order, effective from 18th of March and then extended to 14th April 2020. The order included barring all overseas travel, the prohibition of mass gatherings, temporary closure of all schools and education institutions. Now with self-quarantining and “work from …

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Ini adalah kos untuk memastikan rumah anda bersih di Lembah Klang

Selepas seharian penat bekerja, perkara terakhir yang anda mahu lakukan ialah membersihkan kediaman anda. Tetapi, jika anda tidak melakukannya, tugas-tugas tersebut akan mula mengumpul. Pakaian yang perlu dibasuh, bilik mandi yang perlu dibersihkan, dan lantai yang perlu dimopkan;  senarai tugas-tugas akan juga berterusan. Jika anda mempunyai masa yang terhad dalam memastikan rumah anda bersih, anda …

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How to Get Rid of Dust Mites

What happens when you jump on your mattress? A cloud of dust whooshes out and fills the room, right? For many people, these dust particles can irritate your skin and nasal passages, causing itchiness, redness and sneezing. Prolonged exposure can also trigger chronic skin conditions like eczema, dermatitis, and rosacea. Even if you don’t jump …

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6 Ways To Improve Air Quality In Your Home

Did you know that the air inside your home could be more polluted than outdoor? People are always concerned about air pollution which is a by-product of irresponsible open burning and smokes released by factories. But how many of us are concerned or even AWARE about polluted air at home?

10 Biggest Fire Hazards in Every Malaysian Home

Most of us would love to believe that our home is the safest place on earth. We agree that a house will keep you safe from getting hit by vehicles, bad weather and such. But what about the hazards that we have INSIDE the house? Especially fire hazards…

The Hari Raya Survival Guide

Hari Raya is the time of the year when your families living abroad will come home and your long-lost friends will come to visit. To receive these special guests, the preparation must be special too.