Char Kway Teow Makes it to BBC “Top 10 Healthy Dishes”

healthy char kway teow?

This follows the recent listing of nasi lemak in Time Magazine’s “10 Healthiest International Breakfasts”

Following the recent inclusion of nasi lemak in Time Magazine’s  list of healthy international breakfasts, another Malaysian staple has been recognised as a healthy alternative on 1st April 2016, a significant date indeed.

Char Kway Teow has just been added to BBC’s “Top 10 Healthy Noodle Dishes”, described as a ‘unique blend of seafood, chives and noodles you won’t find anywhere else’.

‘It has all the elements of a complete meal’, said the article. ‘The egg content, combined with the yellow and flat rice noodles provide a broad spectrum of nutrition including proteins and essential amino acids. In fact, one serving of char kway teow gives you 35% of daily amino acid requirements.’

‘Yes, the hae ko or prawn paste (used in the Penang variety) may be high in sodium, but studies have shown that the fermentation process makes prawn paste a good source of live bacteria cultures, and may reduce the risk of colon cancer. Cultured bacteria in fermented foods can help boost colon and intestinal health.’

Local hawkers and caterers welcomed the news. One of them is Groupbase Catering, noted for its halal delicacies including roast lamb, satay and thosay. Its char kway teow is also a crowd favourite, and has been sampled by cabinet ministers, multinationals, banks and government departments.

The company is listed on, and has received good reviews for its catering services.

“They have very very good kway teow goreng among other Malaysian delights. Have seen them cater for 50 (private party) to 500 (hari raya gathering).” – Imran Kadir, a user

For those who are convinced with the benefits of healthy char kway teow should head over to these locations that top the list in various food blogs:

Alternatively, have it catered for your next party by submitting your event dates to We have over 350 caterers listed and ready to quote for your event.

‘Even though you could call it healthy char kway teow, as with everything else, eat in moderation, and take it with a pinch of salt, much like everything else you read on the Internet these days‘, says the article.



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  1. You must be joking. What about all that zhu you “pork fat” used to cook char Kwai teow?? How can that be healthy? I wonder if the writers considered how that is good for your cholesterol ????

  2. Does the writer of this article even knows what he is talking about or has he simply copied paragraphs from different sources. Hae ko in char kway teow?? That info must have come from an article written by someone else about Penang Asam Laksa…..

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  5. Lard eaten in moderation is not harmful to health. We need cholesterol in our body. For forty over years doctors have taken us for rides about cholesterol. No such thing as good or bad cholesterol. Cholesterol drugs is a big seller. Big earner for druggist.

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