What is the average cost of commercial or office cleaning service in Selangor?

Every employee wants to work in a clean and safe environment. A dirty workplace can affect employee morale and even their health. In addition, a clean office is needed to project a professional image to clients and guests. The best way to maintain a clean and neat workplace is to hire professional cleaners. A professional cleaning service allows you and your employees to focus on their work, and will provide regular cleaning on a fixed weekly schedule.  They also have the proper cleaning tools to get the job done properly.

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What is an office cleaning service?

Office cleaning services (also known as commercial cleaning) is a service provided by a cleaning company clean your office on a regular schedule. For example, weekly or monthly. A professional office cleaning company will provide the manpower as well as equipment for specific types of cleaning needed for the office space.


Why is office cleaning important?

A clean workspace has many health and productivity benefits. First impressions are also important when you’re meeting clients or business associates in your office. Dust, dirt, cobwebs can all trigger health problems including coughs, colds, rashes and breathing problems in your employees. Left to build up over time, dust and mould can affect the entire room. Having your office cleaned regularly helps remove harmful bacteria and allergens. A neat and organised office also improves motivation, focus and productivity.  

Tips before you hire a professional cleaning company


1. Check how many sites they cover

If you hire an experienced cleaning company, they probably have many other clients in the same area. It helps to understand how many cleaners they have on their roster, and how many sites your specific cleaner will cover on daily basis.

2. Discuss the cleaning schedule with the cleaning company

How often do you need your workplace cleaned? If you have many employees in a large space, you may need more cleaners to visit on a more regular basis. Don’t let the waste paper bins overflow, or worse, let the pantry disposal fill up with discarded food waste.

3. Does the cleaning agency provide insurance

Accidents can happen. For example, cleaning chemicals may spill and leave a mark on your carpet. Or, a dish may get broken during washing. Depending on the severity of the damage, you may want to ask your cleaner if they provide any damage insurance. If you pay your cleaner through Recommend Pay, we can provide the coverage for you.

4. Will you get the same cleaning team every time?

Having the same cleaners visit your office has its advantages. For one, they know where all the equipment is, and where the disposal areas are. They can also take account of specific preferences (e.g. don’t clean the last window because it’s stuck and cannot be opened).

What does office cleaning include?

A typical office cleaning session will include these tasks. In some cases, the tasks will only be done every other visit:

  1. Vacuum all carpets and mats
  2. Vacuum all hard floors
  3. Dust all horizontal surfaces of desks, chairs, tables and other furniture
  4. Wipe all surfaces
  5. Mop all hard floors
  6. Remove cobwebs from all surrounding areas
  7. Clean automatic glass doors inside and out
  8. Wipe all internal glass
  9. Polish all brass and brightwork on doors and cabinets
  10. Spot clean walls and painted surface
  11. Collect all garbage and replace the garbage bag into a new one
  12. Ensure all areas are clean and arranged neatly

General office cleaning may not necessarily include the services below. In the cases below, you may need to hire a specialised company:

  • Carpet cleaning, professional carpet cleaning
  • Steam cleaning
  • Aircon cleaning


What is the average cost of commercial cleaning in Selangor?

Commercial cleaning in Klang Valley is typically charged in 4-week packages: 1 cleaning per week for 4 weeks: RM380 (RM95 per session) 2 cleanings per week for 4 weeks: RM720 (RM90 per session) 3 cleanings per week for 4 weeks: RM1020 (RM85 per session) 4 cleanings per week for 4 weeks: RM1280 (RM80 per session) 5 cleanings per week for 4 weeks: RM1500 (RM75 per session) The prices above assume a single cleaner, in a mid-sized office of up to 2500 square feet. Each cleaning session will take between 2-4 hours to clean the entire office space. For larger offices, additional manpower may be required and charged differently.

What about office disinfection?

Since we usually spend a third of their lives at work, our office premises can be considered a second home. Therefore, just like your home sweet home, you would want to work comfortably in a clean and germ-free workspace to avoid falling ill. While commercial cleaning removes visible dust and mould that harbours bacteria and allergens, office disinfection will kill any presence of coronaviruses and bacteria. This prevents the spread of any disease from possible contaminated surfaces to employees via high-contact items like tables, hard-backed chairs, doorknobs, light switches, phone receivers and keypads, remotes, handles, touchscreens, desks, toilets, sinks and more. Therefore, having your office disinfected is the next advisable step after performing commercial cleaning. By doing so, employees and customers can enjoy more effective and long-lasting protection against any harmful pathogens amongst other benefits.

Need office disinfection services?
Recommend.my professional office disinfecting services are non-toxic and safe for business premises like offices, gyms, kindergartens and more. Specially formulated with a combination of active ingredients that are proven effective against bacteria and coronaviruses, our disinfection services are conducted via three disinfecting steps for a more thorough disinfection coverage and protection. They are: Surface Disinfecting – Method of wiping all high-contact surfaces with disinfectants (from RM0.05psf) Spray and Coat – Method of spraying surfaces with a non-toxic and antimicrobial protective coating (from RM0.75psf) Fogging / Misting – Method of fogging the entire premise to decontaminate hard-to-reach surfaces and disinfect the air (from RM0.20psf)

Why choose both office cleaning and disinfecting?

1. Improved air quality According to a survey conducted on what employees seek most from their workspaces, the sample data recorded that the majority wanted better air quality. Contributing to this is the fact that employee performance and overall well being is highly dependent on hygienic air. As a result, regular cleaning and disinfecting can help sterilize the air and promote better air quality in the office. 2. Disease protection that lasts for months For more effective disinfection, it is recommended that offices undergo a commercial cleaning first to get rid of dirt containing biofilms that resist disinfectants. Our spray and coating disinfecting method acts immediately on microbes and provides a protective coating that is effective for up to 12 weeks. 3. Increase staff and consumer confidence Providing daily updates on-premise cleanliness and safety will increase staff and consumer confidence as all are aware that your office premises are promoting environmental wellness. By keeping tabs on any infection risks via cleaning and disinfecting, the workspace becomes coordinated to ward off possible cross-contamination that may lead to many sick leaves. Hence, with more workers healthy, the better the productivity.

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