Home interior design for under RM85K [Industrial interior design style]

Your home interior design has a big impact on its value and its appeal. Why not create a style that Insider.com says is the next big trend, yet costs less than RM85K? We’re talking about industrial interior design.

What is industrial interior design?

Industrial interior design is an affordable way to add character and style to your home. The style refers to old factories that were converted into homes. The look involves having “raw” elements such as exposed piping or metal frames, unfinished brick walls, bare cement, or even recycled items, all while giving it a modern edge.

But, don’t be fooled into thinking that industrial house design is expensive. As the examples below demonstrate, it’s possible to get affordable industrial interior design in Malaysia at under RM85,000. All the examples below show how easy it is to create a clean, uncluttered home filled with lots of character. And apply it to practically any room in your home.

1200 sqft home in Nidoz 38, Desa Petaling

In this home, examples of industrial design style include the exposed electrical trunking for the living room spotlights; the suspended cabinet over the TV that is made from steel frames; as well as the bar counter that has an outer metal frame with industrial bar stools. Budget for this design and renovation: RM80,000.

industrial interior design malaysia living room by cube asia design
industrial interior design malaysia living room by cube asia design
industrial interior design malaysia dining area by cube asia design

Project by Cube Asia Design

1550 sqft home at The Waterfront, Penang

There is a mix of surfaces that contribute to the industrial feel in this home. First is the wooden planks that make up the kitchen backsplash (most likely done using high-pressure laminate); the cement textured-wallpaper at the dining area; and finally the concrete coffee table. Budget for this design and renovation: RM80,000.

concrete coffee table penang by nevermore group

Project by Nevermore Group

1182 sqft condo at Bennington Residence, Kuala Lumpur

Clever use of paint creates an industrial feel in this condo unit. By using a textured painting technique, the designers manage to add a concrete effect to the walls. The same effect is carried over to the bedroom. Budget: RM65,000

industrial interior design malaysia by fifteen interior design
bedroom industrial style design malaysia by fifteen interior design

Project by Fifteen Interior Design

1300 sqft home in Lakefront Cyberjaya

Another cement-effect feature wall in this home, but also accompanied by a industrial-style coffee table with geometric design in the metal base. The entrance also has a timber divider that adds to the style. In the dining area, the centrepiece is the solid wood dining table with a natural edge. Budget: RM70k.

cement wall design malaysia by Interior360
solid wood dining table malaysia by Interior360

Project by Interior 360

Industrial Style Cabinet Work in Puchong

A suspended kitchen cabinet with metal frame adds the industrial touch to this kitchen. Budget: RM40k

industrial suspended kitchen cabinet by hexagon concept

Project by Hexagon Concept

495 sqft Summer Suite Condo in KL

If you need industrial interior design for small spaces, check out this example. An exposed brick wall effect is added to this studio unit through the clever use of textured wallpaper. Industrial style furniture included the bar counter, dining lights, and coffee table. Budget: 25K.

exposed brick wall industrial malaysia by amorphous design
exposed brick wall industrial malaysia by amorphous design
exposed brick wall industrial malaysia by amorphous design

Project by Amorphous Design 

The Nest @ Jalan Klang Lama, Kuala Lumpur

Lots of industrial design elements here. The cement screed wall frames the TV area, which also includes a black framed TV console and coffee table. On the ceiling, the spotlights are connected by exposed cable trunking, also in black. In the dining area, metal chairs are combined with a long wooden bench along the wall. Budget: RM85,000

living room design by cube asia design
TV console design by cube asia design

Project by Cube Asia Design

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