Create A Child-Friendly Home With These 20 Tips

Having a 100% child proof home is almost impossible as accidents can happen anytime, anywhere. It is a child’s nature to explore and feel curious. The fact that they would only understand the concept of danger at the age of 4 years or older makes it crucial for the parents to make sure their children are always in a safe and protected environment.

Thus, as an adult (regardless if you are a parent yourself or not), it is a wise idea to take some safety precautions to make your home is safe for the little ones to roam around.


Table of Contents

1. Add a non-slip rubber mat on the bathroom floor to avoid those tiny feet from slipping on the wet floor.

2. Put a two-step ladder with rubber legs near the sink so the kids can climb safely when they need to wash their hands.


3. Make sure the bathroom is always dry so it won’t be slippery for the kids to walk on.

4. Put lids on the pail/basin that collects water to avoid the kids from drowning.


5. Cover the floor with padded mats so it will be less painful for babies just learning to walk.

6. Use furniture with round edges or add edge covers to prevent sharp scratches and bumps.

7. Drill the furniture to the wall to prevent it from falling over.

8. Install a drawer lock or latch to limit the kids from having access to dangerous objects that you’ve hidden from them.


9. Add a door stopper to prevent the door from being slammed by the little geniuses or rough winds.


10. Use a bracket to hang the flat screen TV safely on the wall.

11. Put fragile and small items (especially those made from glass) on high shelves so it can’t be reached by the kids. Same goes for medication.

12. Install window grilles on the upper floor to prevent the kids from falling out the window.

13. Make sure the built-in oven has extra switch outside so you can switch off the power supply anytime.

14. Ensure your water filer has a hot water lock so your kids cannot accidentally dispense hot water.


15. Use a window stopper or window catch to minimise the window opening.

16. Keep cleaning supplies in the upper cabinet as it can be very dangerous if the kids thought the pink floor cleaner is  juice.

17. Always have a spare key somewhere convenient just in case the kids accidentally lock themselves inside the room.


18. Install a baby gate where necessary (like the stairs) to limit the space for the kids to wander off.

19. Cover the plug points to prevent the kids from sticking other objects inside it.

20. Always make sure extension cords are hidden inside the cabinet, behind the TV or anywhere that is out of reach of the children.


Child proof your home with the help of a handyman

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