15 White Kitchens With Wooden Elements


The modern white kitchen, with all it’s stone and metal, can sometimes feel cold and uninviting. Sterile, even.

But when you add wooden elements, something different appears. The room becomes softer and more welcoming. It becomes a place to socialise and to entertain. It might even make your recipes taste better!

“Wood has [positive] psychological effects on people – a similar stress-reducing effect as nature,” says Dr Marjut Wallenius of the University of Tampere.

Here’s how to soften the look of your modern kitchen with wood elements.


1. Reclaimed wooden dining table

You can use an old door or a wooden pallette to make a lovely dining area

Source: deavita.com


2.  Solid wood kitchen island that doubles as bar counter

Feel like a real sushi chef by serving up your maki rolls on a beautiful wooden bar

Source: pinterest


3. Breakfast stools with weaved tops against a wood-panelled kitchen island

Source: homebeautiful.com.au


4. Wooden counter extension with seating

Source: pinterest


5. Light wood kitchen cabinets

Source: tlcinteriors.com.au


6. Rustic wooden shelving

Source: dougelissa


7. Wood backsplash

Source: homedit.com

8. Wood paneled wall

Source: houzz.com


9. Wooden column

Source: usualhouse.com


10. Wooden window frames

Source: breezway.com.au


11. Wooden clock or other wall accessories

Source: showhome.nl


12. Wooden pendant lights

Source: sacramentostreet.com


13. Wooden ceiling strips (skylight optional)

Source: figr.com.au


14. Glass cabinet doors with wood frames

Show off your collections

Source: hgtv.com


15.  Wooden flooring (or wood-like laminates)

As long as you don’t leave puddles on the kitchen floor, wooden flooring works fine in the kitchen. Learn how to choose the right wooden flooring

Source: homeimprovementpages.com.au


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