Instead of Tossing the Bouquet, This Bride Does Something Amazing

Tossing the bouquet of flowers at the wedding is traditionally done in Europe and North America, but many wedding couples in Malaysia do it, too. It’s great fun for guests, and makes a great wedding photo, too.

But instead of throwing the bouquet at this wedding, the bride does something even better.

In a supremely unselfish move, she stops in mid-throw, and hands the bouquet directly to her friend in the crowd. And when she turns around, her boyfriend is right there ready with a wedding proposal!

Normally, it is believed that the person who catches the bouquet will be the next one to get married. Who knew that this would really come true this time?

Did you know: Before bouquet-throwing was invented, the wedding dress was the item that was believed to bring good luck and fertility. Wedding guests would rip pieces off the bride’s wedding dress, leaving it in shreds. That tradition gradually gave way to the more “civilised” bouquet throwing.

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Source: YouTube