Kitchen Renovation Price Estimator

Kitchen Price Estimator

Planning to renovate your kitchen in Malaysia? Our kitchen price calculator can provide an estimate for many common kitchen configurations. Price estimates are based on latest pricing from kitchen specialists in Klang Valley and are correct as of March 2017.

Kitchen layout

There are 4 common ways to layout your kitchen cabinets. You can place it along one wall to create a single wall layout. Or, you can place it along two parallel walls to create a galley. You can also create an L-shape or U-shape. And if you have space, you can add an island counter in the middle.

The main bulk of your kitchen cost will be the cabinets. And the most common cabinet material will be melamine (chipboard), plywood with laminate layer, or plywood with veneer layer.

The next costly item will be the countertop. Many kitchen renovation projects in Malaysia choose solid surface for its affordability and variety of colours and patterns. But, there are also stone options in quartz and granite. And recently, a new type of solid surface called ultra-compact surface has started to gain popularity.

Kitchen counter materials - solid surface, quartz, granite



To protect the walls, homeowners also install a backsplash along the length of the cabinets. This is usually done with tiles, but some homeowners prefer reflective mirrors or tempered glass, to help make the kitchen look more clean and spacious.

backsplash options - kitchen price calculator malaysia


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