17 KL Cafe Interior Designs You Should Recreate at Home (37 photos) [Updated]

The dining and café scene in KL (and Klang Valley) has never been more interesting, with great examples of commercial interior design that you can replicate at home.

New establishments seem to pop up daily, with tongue twisting items on their menus. But beyond the quirky menu, the cafe interior design of some of these places would look awesome in your dining space at home. These places are highly instagrammable, and are great places to just hang around for hours.

So, why not take inspiration from them to give your own dining area at home the same vibe with a chic, stylish makeover? We rounded some of the best café and restaurant interiors in KL to inspire your dining room design.


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1. The Antipodean Café, Mid Valley

What we like: The high ceilings with full windows, the pendant lights, the dark wood, the blackboard menu, and the deep red walls.

Interior design of The Antipodean Cafe, Midvalley

Antipodean Cafe, Midvalley

Images from Mid Valley Megamall


2. BEAM, Bandar Sri Damansara

What we like: The industrial feel with bare metal stairs and exposed cement and brick, with touches of greenery.

BEAM Bandar Sri Damansara

BEAM bandar sri damansara

Images from qpeiyin.blogspot.sg and eatdrinkkl.blogspot.sg


3. Grey Sky Morning, Subang

What we like: The monochromatic, minimalist feel.

Grey Sky Morning Grey Sky Morning

Images from thedeckzine.com


4. Feeka, Bukit Bintang

What we like: The peeling paint and weathered masonry. Not something you may want to replicate at home, but great atmosphere! Oh, and the main barista area is located in a tall airwell, flooding it with lots of light. Nice!





Images from Feeka FB page.


5. Garage 51, Bandar Sunway

What we like: As the name suggests, this place really IS a converted garage. Lots of metal, chains and piping, including furniture made from oil barrels. There’s even a converted VW Beetle in front.

Garage 51


Garage 51


Source: theculturetrip.com, Garage51MY Facebook page, and shilianglim.wordpress.com


6. Plan b, Publika

What we like: Lots of unfinished wood that still manages to give a comfortable vibe. And check out that ceiling!

Source: instagram/planb_bybig

Plan b Publika


7. Pickle and Fig, TTDI

What we like: Bare concrete dominates the cafe interior design here. Simple to clean, keeps cool, and easy to change the look with different furnishings.

Pickle and Fig cafe interior design

Photo: Malaysian Flavours



What we like: From the main entrance, visitors can easily see a wall full of interesting artwork hung on cinderblock walls, through the full glass doors.

LOKL cafe interior design

LOKL cafe interior design

Image from perkygraphy.wordpress.com

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9. V1 Concept, Puchong

What we like: Not really a cafe, but we simply had to show you those chilli-red bucket seats and racing memorabilia.

V1 Concept Puchong


V! Concept Cafe, Puchong

Images from rarerestaurant.blogspot.sg and winnienee-s.blogspot.sg


10. Aku Cafe & Gallery

What we like: Mismatched, handcrafted wood furniture, combined with the clean white walls make the perfect canvas for sculptures and artwork.

Aku Cafe and Gallery

Aku Cafe and Gallery

Images from oldchina.com.my and josephinetly.blogspot.sg


11. DR.Inc, Bangsar

What we like: Lovely little corners that have been perfectly setup using a mix of wallpaper, tapestry and quirky furnishings. You could browse for hours! Recommend.my and The Malay Mail Online recently had their event here.

Dr.Inc Bangsar

Dr Inc Bangsar


Images from sharkingforchipsanddrinks.com and Dr.Inc FB page


12. Awesome Canteen

What we like: Earth tones give this place a nice natural feel.

Awesome Canteen


Awesome canteen

Images from TimeOut KL and sarahlow.net


13. The Library

What we like: While this chain has over 10 branches already, we love their style of keeping the bookshelves close by so you can linger at the table with a good book and coffee.

The Library Coffee Bar

Images from eatdrinkkl.blogspot.sg and thelibrarycoffeebarMY FB page.


14. École P

What we like: This classroom-inspired cafe invokes lots of nostalgia. We don’t know how it will look in your dining room, though.

Ecole P

Ecole P


Images from foodnframe.com and shamainehappybee.blogspot.sg


15. Wood & Steel

What we like: As the name suggests, this cafe is also deals in wood furniture. We love the bolted-on side tables and light fixtures that resemble piping.

wood and steel kota damansara

Wood and steel kota damansara

Images from hinika.net


16. 3 Bags Full

What we like: The clever use of wood panelling and ribbed wood ceiling

3 Bags Full


3 Bags Full

Images from malaysianflavours.com and 3 bags Full FB page


[Added] 17. VCR, Bukit Bintang

What we like: That lovely aged wooden floor mixed with dark industrial steel frames.

VCR Cafe Jalan Galloway

VCR Jalan Galloway

Images from mecoffeyjourney.com.


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