13 Malaysian Restaurants Around the World You Must Visit

Have you ever come back from holiday just craving for nasi lemak or roti canai?

What if you get that craving while STILL on your holiday? We’ve got you covered.

When in Rome

Do as the Romans do.

Or, eat as a Malaysian does. Because there’s only so long a true Malaysian can go without sambal belacan or petai.

So, as you plan the itinerary for your next holiday, why not include these Malaysian restaurants?


Popular Malaysian Restaurants Overseas:


1. Melur (London)

Satisfy your cravings for Malaysian food when in London. Ayam Percik, Sambal Udang Petai, Nasi Itik and Hokkien Noodle are among the best selling menu items at Melur. This restaurant is well-known among Malaysians living in the UK and travellers alike, offering Malaysian and Indonesian delicacies.

Melur interior
Melur interior. Source
One of the dishes at Melur
One of the dishes at Melur. Source

Website: http://www.melurlondon.co.uk



2. Satay House (London)

Succulent beef, grilled to perfection, served with kuah kacang on a cold night in London is an absolute foodgasm for any Malaysian. Forget the late night kebabs and chip shops. Make a visit to Satay House for a good serving of Malaysian favourites.

Rojak at Satay House
Rojak at Satay House. Source
Seating at Satay House. Source
Seating at Satay House. Source

Website: http://www.satay-house.co.uk



3. C&R Restaurant (London)

Prawn Satay, Fresh Seabass Steamed with Soybean Paste Sauce, Lobster with Dried Curry Sauce and Braised Spicy Sliced Beef (Szechuan Style) are among the dishes that you can find at C&R Restaurant.

Prawns at C&R. Source
Prawns at C&R. Source


Website: http://www.cnrrestaurant.com



4. Fatty Crab (New York)

Nasi Lemak with Sambal Ikan Bilis, Mee Jawa and Beef Rendang are some of the menu you’ll find alongside other famous dishes at Fatty Crab, New York. The restaurant is not related to the restaurant of the same name in Taman Megah, PJ, in case you were wondering.

Fatty Crab New York interior
Fatty Crab New York interior. Source
Signature dish Fatty Crab New York
Signature dish. Source

Website: https://www.facebook.com/FattyCrab/?fref=ts



5. “Penang” (Washington)

If you are craving for Malaysian food like Roti Canai, Popiah Basah, Asam Laksa or Char Kuey Teow, get your fix here. Upon entering this restaurant, the classic Peranakan-inspired furniture will make you feel at home again.

Interior of Penang Restaurant, Bethesda
Interior of Penang Restaurant, Bethesda. Source
One of their signature dishes. Source
One of their signature dishes. Source

Website: http://www.penangmaryland.com



6. MAC: Malay Asian Cuisine (Tokyo and Yokohama, Japan)

This place offers over 50 dishes, including Nasi Goreng Kampung, Rendang Daging, Pulut Panggang, Otak-otak and Pisang Goreng.

Malay Asian Cuisine Shibuya interior. Source
Malay Asian Cuisine Shibuya interior. Source
Herbal soup in steamed apple. Source
Herbal soup in steamed apple. Source

Website:  http://www.malayasiancuisine.com



7. Serai (Heidelberg, Germany)

Serai’s authentic Malaysian cuisine includes Kari Ayam, Mee Goreng, Sayur Lodeh and Pulut Mangga. Previously operating as a full serviced restaurant, Serai is now a caterer that also provide cooking classes.

The team at Serai. Source
The team at Serai. Source
Nasi lemak from Serai. Source
Nasi lemak from Serai. Source

Website: https://www.facebook.com/serai.heidelberg



8. Wau (Amsterdam)

Who knew you could find a good plate of Pasembur, Sambal Petai or even Kangkung Belacan in Amsterdam? If you happen to be in this part of the world, look for this restaurant on your map.

Interior of Wau. Source
Interior of Wau. Source

Website:  https://www.facebook.com/Malaysian-Restaurant-Wau-216825321671313/



9. Nasi Lemak Paris (Paris)

The classic nasi lemak bungkus can now be enjoyed alongside a portion of moules-frites. Served with the signature ingredients of spicy sambal, hard boiled egg, ikan bilis goreng and cucumber and wrapped in familiar brown paper, this is the brain child of three Malaysian guys who migrated to Paris.

repost from @antoniachang What do you do when it’s finally 20 degrés and sunny in Paris…Picnic! Yes with the best Malay NasiLemak in town and a bottle of cold drink ???????? bankholiday @nasilemakparis .????????????Thank you dear for the support.Hope to see you guys again soon.Kindly take note on our menu and order format, type ‘hashtag’ menunlp (read the caption) or scroll down to our previous post( black memo). What apps us at +33699561400 to book the delivery time and date.(at least 24H before) Terima kasih and merci NLP NASI LEMAK PARIS Instagram & Facebook & Twitter: nasilemakparis NLP- Be the best,lead the rest” ps: follow @tehtarikparis for Malaysian Drinks and Desserts in Paris – Coming soon in 2016 #paris #nasilemakparis #foodporn #malaysia #halalfood #parishalal  #travel #halal #nasiuduk #makananmelayu #melayuparis #NLP#makananhalalparis #halalparis #halalfoodparis #parishalalfood #singapore#trending #brunei#indonesia#sajianlestari #brunika #bruneifoodies#tehtarikparis

A photo posted by Malaysian Halal Food Paris NLP (@nasilemakparis) on


Have a nasi lemak bungkus as you visit the Mona Lisa. Source
Have a nasi lemak bungkus as you visit the Mona Lisa. Source



10. Belacan Paris (Paris)

Belacan Paris is a made-to-order food delivery service operating in Paris by Malaysians. Best-selling menu items include the Chicken Rice Set, Nasi Lemak Ayam Goreng and Nasi Lemak Salmon.

Belacan Paris. Source
Belacan Paris. Source

Website: https://www.facebook.com/belacanparis/



11. Masak Ku (Melbourne)

Spicy Tamarind Fish with okra and eggplant, Ma Po Tofu, Prawn Sambal and Smoked Duck are on the menu at Masak Ku. If you are searching for a proper Malaysian restaurant in Melbourne City, do pay a visit to Masak Ku in Bourke Road Camberwell.

Roti canai by Masak Ku. Source
Roti canai by Masak Ku. Source

Website: https://www.facebook.com/Masak-Ku-782395611855170



12. Hawker (Sydney)

As the name explains, Hawker serves various kinds of Malaysian hawker food. With menu items like Ikan Pari Bakar, Assam Laksa, Curry Laksa and Rojak Penang, all that’s missing is the illegal DVD seller.

Hawker dishes from Hawker, Sydney. Example of dishese from Malaysian restaurants
Hawker dishes from Hawker, Sydney. Source

Website: hawker.com.au


13. Banana Leaf (Vancouver)

With 5 locations in Vancouver already, Banana Leaf has received multiple local “Best Asian Restaurant” awards. Try their Gulai Scallops, Beef Rendang, Mango Kerabu and finish it off with Goreng Pisang.

Banana Leaf Vancouver - Malaysian Restaurants in Vancouver
Banana Leaf Vancouver – Malaysian Restaurants in Vancouver. Source
Banana Leaf Vancouver interior
Interior. Source

Website: www.bananaleaf-vancouver.com



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