23 Must-Take Wedding Photos from Photographers

It takes an experienced wedding photographer to capture the right wedding photos.

From elaborate setups to candid blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moments, a good set of wedding photos requires creativity, effort and high level of alertness.

But it’s worth it, since the right shot will give you and your spouse an awesome set of memories to reminisce over.

Here are some of the “must-take” wedding moments as shot by our recommended wedding photographers.

Note: For this post, we are focusing on the traditional solemnisation ceremony in the afternoon, followed by a traditional Chinese banquet in the evening.


1. Getting ready in the morning with makeup and hair

Makeup and hair wedding photo by Yen Makeup
Yen Makeup. Source.



2. The Dress

Wedding dress kua photography by Andrew Yep Photographie
Andrew Yep Photographie. Source.



3. The groom and groomsmen making their approach

wedding gatecrash photography by Davies Lee
Davies Lee Photography. Source.



4. The gatecrashing ang pau

wedding gatecrash ang pau photography by Robin Ng
Robin Ng Photography. Source.



5. The gatecrashing games (somehow there is always underwear involved)

Gatecrashing wedding photos by Andrew Yep Photographie
Andrew Yep Photographie. Source.


Gatecrashing wedding photos by My Love Momentz
My Love Momentz. Source.



6. The groom finally gets past the bridesmaids

wedding photos gatecrashing by The Picture Team
The Picture Team. Source.



7. The wedding hengtai turning the tables on the groom

Wedding groomsmen - wedding photography by Benson Yin
Benson Yin Photography. Source.



8. The line up of bridesmaids and groomsmen

Bridesmaids and groomsmen. Wedding photography by Stories.my
Photo by Stories.my. Source



9. The tea ceremony

Wedding tea ceremony photo by Stories.my
Photo by Stories.My. Source.



10. Parental pride

Wedding photo by Wondrous Vision
Wondrous Vision. Source.



11. The themed decor

Wedding reception table photo by Andrew Yep Photographie. Source
Wedding reception table photo by Andrew Yep Photographie. Source



12. The ring bearers and flower girl

Wedding floewer girl by Pixellot Photography
Pixellot Photography. Source.



13. The father walking her down the aisle

Walking down the aisle. Wedding photography by Nigel Chen
Nigel Chen Photography. Source.



14. The vows

Wedding photography by MomentsPix
Momentspix Photography. Source.


15. The rings

KENNFOO Weddings. Source.
KENNFOO Weddings. Source.


16. The kiss

Wedding photography by Gallerie CK
Gallerie CK. Source.



17. The tears of joy

Wedding Photography by ZA Gallery / Zach Chin
ZA Gallery / Zach Chin Photography. Source.



18. Prayer

Wedding photography by Sean Lim Photography
Sean Lim Photography. Source.



19. The bouquet toss

Bouquet toss photo by Edwin Tan Photography.
Bouquet toss photo by Edwin Tan Photography. Source



20. The grand entrance or walk-in

Wedding walk in. Photography by Colour Shot
Colour Shot. Source.




21. The toast

Wedding Toast Photography by MJK Photography
MJK Photography. Source.



22. On stage

Wedding banquet photography by Irvin Studio
Irvin Studio. Source.



23. The After Party

Wedding Party photography by Jenny Sun
Jenny Sun Photography. Source.


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