Sincere Thanks To Our Christmas Angels

Last Christmas, we held a Christmas Contest campaign on Facebook throughout the month of December. Our participants had a great time and walked away with fantastic prizes sponsored by some of our service professionals. We’d like to say a big Thank You to our 5 Christmas Angels who gave away these wonderful prizes!


1. Mum Sweet Kitchen Baked Delicious Homemade Cupcakes

This talented baker makes all kinds of yummy and beautifully-decorated cupcakes as well as other sweet delights.



2. Ladydelights Bakery Sponsored a Beautiful Log Cake

This homemade baker makes a variety of traditional and modern desserts, so there’s always something fit for any occasion.



3. Excel Swim Sponsored a Free Swimming Lesson

Swimming coach Ram Koh teaches students of all levels in basic swimming, stroke correction, life-saving techniques, competitive training, and scuba diving.


4. TrueCare Mattress Cleaning Services Gave a Free King-Size Mattress Cleaning

TrueCare Mattress Cleaning Services offer dry cleaning on sofa, mattress and all fabric-based furniture. The extraction process removes unseen particles, like dead skin cells, dust mites and allergens from your furniture, giving it the deep clean it needs.


5. EZ Maid Cleaning & Services Sponsored a Free Home Cleaning Session worth RM240

This cleaning service leaves your home spick and span so you can relax and unwind after a busy day.



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