Star Wars Cakes You Can Order

Star Wars cake by Corine and Cake -

The Star Wars movie franchise that aired its very first movie back in 1977 (that’s 41 years!) is now an annual affair. So you can be sure that younger generations are going to be huge fans of this franchise for a very long time.

If your kids are fans of Star Wars, why not throw a Star Wars themed party for their next birthday? And as a centrepiece, you can order a Star Wars birthday cake!

We have compiled a collection of cute and interesting Star Wars cakes. These are made by talented professional bakers or even stay at home mums (SAHM) with a flair for baking.

You can order a custom-made Star Wars cake for your event at If you have a sample photo, attach it too, and our bakers will respond with a quote. You can customise the cake to be a one or two-tiered (or more) cake, in any flavours that you would like; or if you want it to use less sugar or be eggless. Anything goes!

Whether if you want a Solo or Chewy cake, these are the cakes that you're looking for
Whether your child identifies with the Jedi or the Sith (or the First Order), we’re confident our bakers will be able to craft a cake that’s perfect for your event!



1. Luke and Yoda figurines made of fondant on a galaxy themed birthday cake with “Star Wars” in the original font, and some Lego blocks thrown in for good measure.

Star Wars cake by Bonheur Patisserie Singapore -

Made by: Bonheur PatisserieSource


2. A single tier round Star Wars cake with Obi Wan and General Grievous action figure toppers engaged in lightsaber battle, with logo backdrop.

Obi Wan and General Grievious Star Wars cake by Bonheur Pattiserie Singapore -

Made by: Bonheur Patisserie .Source


3. Star Wars birthday cake in the shape of a Stormtrooper helmet.

Star Wars stormtrooper cake by Bonheur Patisserie Singapore -

Made by: Bonheur PatisserieSource


4. Stormtrooper and Darth Vader Star Wars macarons are a new way to celebrate a birthday. And they are bite-sized for smaller hands!

Star Wars macarons by Bonheur Patisserie Singapore -

Made by: Bonheur PatisserieSource


5. Custom-made Star Wars cupcakes with clone army stormtrooper toppers, led by a single Darth Vader cupcake

Star Wars cupcakes by My Fat Lady Cakes and Bakes -

Made by: My Fat Lady Cakes and BakesSource


6. A two-tiered galaxy themed cake with Lego Star Wars minifig characters. “Celebrate We Must”!

Lego Star Wars cake by Corine and Cake -

Made by: Corine and CakeSource


7. A custom-made Darth Vader fondant figurine on a delicious and nicely decorated cake with galaxy swirl patterns.

Darth Vader Star Wars cake by Corine and Cake -

Made by: Corine and CakeSource


8. Instead of the usual cupcakes, this baker specialises in blossoms (steamed cupcakes) with Star Wars drawings on top.

Star Wars steamed cupcakes by Cakeabreak -

Made by: CakeabreakSource


9. A painted two-tier Star Wars cake with intricate detailings that includes Luke Skywalker on Tattoine, with Poe Dameron engaged in a lightsaber battle with Darth Vader (hmm).

Star Wars cake by Jumi Cakes -

Made by: Jumi Cakes .Source


10. A round cake nicely wrapped with black fondant and nicely decorated with Star Wars themed detailing, topped with a figurine of Master Yoda.

Yoda cake by Jumi Cakes -

Made by: Jumi CakesSource


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