This family home in Sunway Damansara fuses child-friendly with contemporary marvel

Nestled in the heart of Sunway Damansara, PJ, this upper-unit townhouse underwent a jaw dropping, child-friendly interior transformation that went from bare mundane to stunning modern contemporary elegance.

This home, belonging to a client with a young family of 3, requested to interior design their townhouse with a luxurious modern contemporary style but also fit for a family, inclusive of safety measures for their children.

With the help of R.Works Interior Design, the client managed to achieve their desired home and more with perfectly detailed craftsmanship.

About the property

Parkville, Sunway Damansara (also known as Sunway Parkville) is a leasehold townhouse residential area developed by Sunway City Sdn Bhd located in Kota Damansara.

Amenities include two MRT stations close by and universities a few minutes walk away.

This unit is built up to 2,000 sqft with 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms.

Upper-unit townhouse unit floor plan of Parkville Sunway Damansara townhouse
Upper-unit townhouse unit floor plan

Monochrome modern contemporary

One of the biggest factors dictating their chosen design was the safety of their children at home. The client took into consideration how their home interior could be a safe and conducive environment for their child to grow up in.

Apart from that, they also wanted a stylish and easily maintainable home.

Therefore, modern contemporary was the approach taken, combined with a touch of vintage seamlessly blended in. For the whole house, the client also decided on a classic monochrome colour palette, which puts the interior together quite sleekly.

In order to streamline the layout further, some of the existing walls were torn down to widen the view in the ground floor. Open space concepts are usually encouraged for homes with young children, making it easier to keep a watchful eye on them from any part of the house.

Some of the challenges posed, according to Alexis, was the major extension works involving the backyard and kitchen. The client intended on fully utilizing the land by opening out the dry and wet kitchens for a more casual, welcoming feel.

After renovation works were completed, all requirements were met resulting in this ravishing modern contemporary abode.

Living room

Modern contemporary townhouse interior design living room
Modern contemporary living room with a vintage feature walls

Upon walking in, the living room offers a gracious amount of space with a clean layout and minimal plush furnishing. More floor space also provides room for the children to play and jump around in.

A stunning feature that immediately catches the eye is the feature wall. Using venetian plaster, the turquoise and gold touches exudes a fine vintage aura, further contrasted by the solid black and white theme.

Below, the TV console is made of cool wood and black laminates that altogether with the feature wall and surroundings layers smoothly.

Beside it, pristine white cabinetry takes up a portion of floor-to-ceiling space for the family to store any belongings or for the children to store their toys and bags away swiftly.

Just like all the other cabinets of the house, the doors are equipped with a standard “soft close” mechanism to avoid the doors from slamming on the children’s fingers when they close them.

Lining the centre of the pigeon hole shelves, bright yet warm LED strip lights supply radiant ambient lighting that go hand in hand with the soft recessed ceiling lights.

Cleverly concealed as a cabinet on the right side is a storage room. When pushed inward, the white door opens to reveal a little room for the homeowners to store belongings, extra furniture, or any other larger sized items. The door is also fixed with the same soft close mechanism to keep from slamming.

Living room feature wall, cabinetry, and storage room for townhouse interior design
Closer look at the feature wall, cabinets, and door to the storage room


Monochrome study area for townhouse interior design
Study area with a wide built-in desk and cabinets

Conveniently next to the living area is a simple study area for the homeowner’s use. Given that it’s an open space concept, it allows the parents to keep an eye on their children as they play in the living room.

The top ¾ of the wall is installed with a grey mirror, commonly used to present an illusion of depth. Below it, this strip of wall is purposefully painted with a special magnetic paint.

This way, it’s a fun alternative to stick reminders, notes, and pictures onto the wall with a magnet while creating a hazardless environment without sharp objects such as thumbtacks and paperclips.

Study wall painted with black magnetic paint townhouse interior design
Study wall painted with special magnetic paint

A flexible socket panel track is fixed in which each socket can be moved around or detached. Its design makes it flexible to plug in devices from any side of the desk without pulling the cables taut.

For the little cabinet below, the units have been widened to accommodate larger items such as the printer, hence saving desk space and avoiding the tangle of messy wires. It also prevents the children from yanking them.


Modern kitchen design for townhouse interior design
Monochrome themed dry kitchen with classical features

Turning towards the kitchen, the view of its polished black and white look is immaculate.

A bank of bold matte black kitchen cabinets line the left wall, spreading to the bottom front wall. The cabinetry is embellished with gold finishes to compliment the light fixtures.

The tall vertical cabinet is built with a pull-out unit to conventionally make use of the available vertical space. It’s also a safer option for children to grab food items within reach.

Modern kitchen design with white marble countertop for townhouse interior design
Marble kitchen countertop and matching white roller blinds

Overall the dry kitchen is minimally designed to flaunt a white marble countertop. The wide window behind the sink gives an expansive view of the yard and is attached with white roller blinds.

Gold plated sconces adequately brighten the counter area, accompanied by the recessed task lighting under the white overhead cabinets.

As for the backsplash, textured paint is applied instead of tile backsplashes for a stylish statement look.

As a natural element addition, a rustic wooden dining table brings a warm welcoming tone for the family and friends to share meals. Replacing the chairs on one side with a matching bench brings about a casual artsy vibe that once again fuses into the existing aesthetic.

Now that the wall separating the dry and wet kitchen has been hacked off, a black-framed glass sliding door stands in place as a safe transparent divider.

Modern design dry and wet kitchen for townhouse interior design
View of the dry kitchen into the wet kitchen

In the wet kitchen, the galley is divided for two purposes; the left for cooking and washing dishes, and the right as a little laundry nook.

Modern wet kitchen design for townhouse interior design
Wet kitchen side for cooking and washing dishes

The contrasting black and white cabinetry fixed with task lightings continue into the wet kitchen, still maintaining a smooth modern facade. Only a sink and stove take up the counter space, leaving the rest of the kitchen clean and uncluttered.

The cabinet units here are fixed with various sized pull-out racks for efficient storage.

The laundry nook features matte black cabinets designed to fit the washing machine and dryer, with added storage spaces for a laundry basket and other cleaning items.

Beside the nook, a sliding door reveals another entryway from the living room straight into the wet kitchen for easy access.

A heavy double-layer stainless steel door replaces the previous door for tighter security, which opens out to their backyard.

Stainless steel backdoor townhouse interior design
The second layer of the stainless steel doors opens to a metal mesh for light to penetrate through

Guest bathroom

Guest bathroom modern design for townhouse interior design
Guest bathroom with Feruni tiles

The guest bathroom downstairs features a similar modern monochrome layout. Light toned Feruni tiles make a pleasant illuminating contrast again the dark finishes for this simple yet elegant bathroom.

In the shower cubicle, dark hexagon shaped tiles scale the space as it creates a characteristic feature wall, compounded by the dark accents of the black door and shower frames.

Modern design bathroom for townhouse interior design
Shower cubicle with dark hexagon-shaped Feruni tiles


Modern staircase with light colours
Stairway with recessed stair lights

Heading upstairs, the remodeled stairway fashions a softer tone and ambient lighting that emanates an ethereal aura. Right next it is the hallway cabinet for the homeowners to store their belongings, gracefully lit with warm accent lighting emitting from the sidewall.

By each alternate step, recessed LED stair lights subtly brighten the way with a long white streak. The first landing is met with a single rustic designed sconce, brightly lighting the corner.

Going up to the second landing, a little window opens up to wash the rest of the steps in natural light. Dim out roller blinds are fixed to mute the daylight and cover the windows at night.

Staircase landing with window for townhouse interior design
Second stairway landing with a small window

Kid’s bedroom

Custom painted mural in kid’s bedroom child-friendly townhouse interior design
Custom painted mural in kid’s bedroom

Upstairs, the kid’s bedroom fuses both bedroom and playroom for the children to enjoy. The room is decorated rather cheerfully with a large mural of mountains and hot air balloons spanning the entire side wall, a bear panting, and chair shaped clothing hooks.

Kid's bedroom for child-friendly townhouse interior design
View of kid’s bedroom from the doorway

The expansive floor space allows the children to play with their toys and run around. Once done, the toys can easily be arranged by walls to avoid clutter.

The attached bathroom here is also similarly designed to the one downstairs.

Master bedroom

Master bedroom with Suzuka special effect painted feature wall townhouse interior design
Master bedroom with Suzuka special effect painted feature wall

In the master bedroom, fair creamy tones fill this room with a fabulous chic glow. The pastel feature wall created with the Suzuka cement effect complements well with the pale SPC flooring installed.

Facing the opposite side is a length of sparkling white built-in cabinets. Being tight on storage space downstairs, the client decided these cabinets could store any other belongings here, such as bulky luggage bags.

White built-in cabinets for townhouse interior design
Bank of white cabinets in the master bedroom

For furnishings, a cream coloured sofa and upholstered bed frame seemed fitting to the given theme. At the dressing table, a large floor to ceiling mirror is installed for the homeowners’ convenience while getting ready.

Master bedroom with built-in cabinet modern design for townhouse interior design
Master bedroom with cream coloured furnishing and floor to ceiling mirror

The master bathroom is split into two parts; one for the shower area with a sink and the other the toilet. The design concept here goes for a warmer look as compared to the other bathrooms, with brown cabinets and beige Feruni tiles.

Modern master bathroom for townhouse interior design
Master bathroom

The shower area is also covered with hexagon-shaped tiles but in pale grey to deftly complement its surrounding colours and create an interesting feature wall.

Shower cubicle tiles feature wall for modern townhouse interior design
Light grey hexagon-shaped Feruni tiles for the shower cubicle

The toilet is separated by a door of its own, equipped with basic sanitaryware and finished with Feruni tiles.

Master bathroom toilet for modern townhouse interior design
Separated toilet in master bathroom

Picturesque home fit for a family

With each room and space designed carefully and with calculated detail, the client was absolutely satisfied with the outcome that has given them a spectacular family home.

Project Details

Location: Parkville, Sunway Damansara
Property size: 2,000 sqft
Price: RM420K
Purpose: Interior design and remodelling
Design: Modern contemporary with vintage accents
Works done: Wet works, carpentry, flooring, paintwork, furnishing, doors and windows installation, soft furnishings, sanitary fittings, electrical and wiring, grills and auto gate installation, electrical appliances, lighting

Before and after transformation

Front entrance

Townhouse entrance before interior design
Before interior design
Townhouse entrance after interior design
After interior design

Living room

Townhouse living room before interior design
Before interior design
Townhouse living room design after interior design
After interior design

Dry kitchen

Dry kitchen before interior design
Before interior design
Townhouse dry kitchen modern after interior design
After interior design

Wet kitchen

Townhouse wet kitchen before interior design
Before interior design
Townhouse modern wet kitchen after interior design
After interior design
townhouse wet kitchen before interior design
Before interior design
Townhouse modern wet kitchen after interior design
After interior design

Kid’s bedroom

Kid's bedroom before interior design
Before interior design
Kid's bathroom after interior design
After interior design

Master bedroom

Master bedroom before interior design
Before interior design
Townhouse modern bedroom design after interior design
After interior design
Townhouse master bedroom before interior design
Before interior design
Townhouse modern bedroom after interior design
After interior design


Townhouse staircase before interior design
Before interior design
Townhouse modern staircase design after interior design
After interior design

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