If Your Fiance Chooses This Car, He’s a Keeper

Choosing the wedding car is one of the final steps in the wedding planning.

And since men love cars, it may be one of the only areas where he will be interested to help out.

So why not use the wedding car as an excuse to gain a deeper insight into his personality?

We searched around for recommended wedding car service providers in Malaysia, and tried to work out what each car reveals about your husband-to-be.


#1 Vintage Car

10868081_813869368672379_4453536077703631739_nclassic bridal car 3

He appreciates things that get better with age (good). He’s a romantic, old-fashioned (in a i’ll-be-the-main-breadwinner type of way), but also a bit of a drama-queen. Watch out he doesn’t develop an unhealthy obsession with collectibles and start to neglect you!

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#2 Classic Car

vintage wedd car 2


redocra 3

He has a great sense of fun and adventure and will, on a whim, drive you to Kuala Selangor just because you have a craving for lai liu har (mantis prawns). Unless you already live in Kuala Selangor, of course. He probably also has lots of girl buddies that he used to hang out with. Uh oh.

Note: Also applies if your man chooses a Vespa scooter.

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#3 Stretch Limousine

chrysler limo hyper rental

A limo may not be such a bad idea if you have lots of bridesmaids to transport. But in Malaysia, hiring a stretch limo for a wedding car may indicate that he is a social animal, loves partying, is slightly immature, and (probably) watches quite a lot of porn, or is compensating for something. It’s not all bad, though, since he has grand visions for what he wants out of life, and will take steps to achieve it.

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#4 Modern Executive Sedan

Indian wdding car rental

He’s a nice guy with a no frills, less-flashy, laidback attitude. He is more conservative and conventional, and comfort is key. He will have your best interests at heart, but may be a bit of a mummy’s boy. Practical, economical, and handy around the house, although he may be a little clueless when it comes to knowing how to treat you like a queen.

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#5 Luxury Sports Car

Instant luxury car rental

If he chooses a sports car, it probably means that he wants to try and attract female attention, but forgot that you would be sitting in the passenger seat. He’s got ambition, and knows how to enjoy the results of his efforts, but may be too focused on appearance.

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#6 Sport Utility Vehicle (Range Rover Evoque, Audi Q5, BMW X6, Hummer)


He likes to feel powerful, and won’t have anyone order him around. He’s also adventurous, but will always make room for you. He also believes that size matters more than how you use…er, drive it.

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#7 Novelty Wedding Car (School Bus, VW Kombi)



Similar to the man who chooses the classic car, this man is spontaneous and has a creative streak. He would paint your portrait or compose a song for you (let’s hope it lasts!), but will expect you to keep up with his boundless energy. He may also be a closet weed-smoking hippie (or was one in the past).

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#8 Classic Luxury (Rolls Royce, Bentley)


Ironically, men who choose a Rolls Royce or Bentley are not drivers at heart. He enjoys the finer things in life, is a gentleman, knows the value of hard work, and aspires to become respected for what he does. The bad news? He may focus all his pampering on himself.

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#9 Myvi

No, he won’t choose a Myvi.

Unless it looks like this:


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