How to write a useful review

In case you didn’t know, we’re still offering RM500 in shopping vouchers for the best reviews for the best service providers.

All you need to do is send us the contact for a service provider who did great work for you.

Maybe it was a great wedding photographer, or an excellent mechanic.

Tell us why you liked their work, and we’ll add them to the database, along with your review.

What kinds of reviews will win me RM500?

A good review enables your friends to make a better decision on whether to hire your recommended service provider. Your review should cover relevant details including when you used them, what they did for you, why you think they are good, and your rating of their quality, efficiency, value, and service level.

Example of a helpful review:

“Sam did my kitchen cabinets in June 2013. He did a great job on the quality of the marble top and completed the project on time. He was also up front in letting me know that I would need to pay more for the stainless steel drainer since it was custom fitted. He took time to explain the reasoning behind his designs, and gave us a clear project timeline.”

Example of a not-very-helpful review:

“I like Sam. He did a good job.”

More importantly, your review will then appear to any of your friends that visit (as long as they login with their Facebook accounts). After all, a good word from a friend is worth far more than a ton of reviews from strangers, right?


photo credit: stevendepolo via photopin cc
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