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Hadi Yazid a dedicated fitness educator who has the experience for 4 years with vast knowledge of training from weight loss programmes, functional training, body building, Crossfit and also yoga. Currently working in an athletic company Lululemon Athletica in Bangsar where he constantly fills himself with more knowledge of different training programmes.

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"Hadi is very helpful in many ways. My friend and I have been using his service for 2 months and we improved a lot. He manage to give both of us a different workout routine and also according to our body capabilities (both cardio and weight training).

Other than that, he would share a realistic meal plan to beginner which is easy to adapt. (actually, its depends on individual) . I eat whatever i want tho. my bad.

Plus, we can always reschedule our workout routine if any circumstances.

He can get very funny too. Its like a 'normal' day with LOTS of sweats and laugh to get fit. (and pain!)

Highly recommended and stay healthy everyone!" —nur amirah izzati

"Hadi has been my personal trainer for 2 months now and he has guided me throughout my fitness journey. He curated a personalized fitness program that suited my goals and daily habits. When I first started, Hadi was very patient with me (I had really low stamina) during training as I was very slow in my reps. He also taught me not only how to use the equipments but also how each equipment targets different areas of the muscles, the RIGHT way to use them and their benefits.

I highly recommend Hadi. It's not just the knowledge and skills, but he is very sociable and humorous. Never a dull training day with him!" —Nabila

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