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• Pro Shop since 1987
• Malaysia Racquet Stringing Specialist
• Tennis Coaching Academy
• Sports Equipment Supplier
(Table Tennis, Carrom Boards, Darts, Boxing, Badminton, etc)
• Specialised Sports Equipment
(Kickboxing, Muey Thai, Weightlifting, Roller Hockey, Taekwondo, etc)

Courtside Pro Shop was established in 1987 to cater specifically to the professional athlete and enthusiast sports fanatic market who demand that something extra from their pro equipment that will propel them to the greatest heights in their chosen field of sport dedication. Courtside Pro Shop is the weapon supplier of choice to all the sport warriors who demand the best in their equipment for total domination of their field.

We have a world class team of sporting professionals who will advice and support the athletes and enthusiasts who demand maximum performance from their equipment. Courtside Pro Shop will tune them to perfection.

"Very professional." —Shirley

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