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"Good service " —Waqar

"Dear Mr. Waqar, thank you for your feedback on my previous review. Straight to the point here:

1. The MCB got no problem at all, this been verify by the Management Community Technician. As I say to your technician, nothing to do with the DB nor the MCB. Thus what I can said is that your Troubleshooting is "POOR". (PLEASE DON’T UNDERESTIMATE YOUR CUSTOMER)

2. For my defect, it’s already clear. Total cost estimated is only RM0.50 and workmanship is FOC. The problem that been informed by the professional (WHICH IS NOT YOUR TECHNICIAN) is that, the wiring from the wall socket is only not tight enough and they have to replace the wall mount which cost RM0.50. You came into my house and immediately said my MCB broken without properly looking at all, and directly wanted to prepare all new wiring MCB and all, and asked for RM330. All you did was tighten the switch socket and turned on the appliance which was successful. But when you wanted to close back the socket and went back home I can't turn on the electrical appliances back. I had to check again, and guess what, you loosened the wiring back to what it was before. U quoted RM330 and I insisted to pay RM80, just because as a courtesy for you coming up to my house and did some sort of wiggling to my switch socket.

3. I will report and bring this to the Management Community as the Apps. Recommended.my is not that recommended at all.

4. Please get your fact right under your QUOTATION. What I heard from your technician is total estimation is around RM330 and what you written on my previous review is you gave your quotation RM180. THIS IS TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE. YOU ARE NOT BEING HONEST IN THE RESPOND AS WELL. OR ARE YOU SAYING THAT IM NOT TELLING THE TRUTH AND BEING HONEST IN THIS MATTER???GUYS, IM TOTALLY NOT SATISTIFIED WITH YOUR WORK. AND YOUR CREDIBILITY TOO.


"The technician quote is way to much from the average i choose around RM80-RM199. He mention total will cost me around RM330 and mention that my DB (Distribution Box) faulty. FYI, my DB is well maintained by the Management Blok. In the end, i have to pay RM80 for the effort that he do the troubleshooting and installing back the wall plug. I can only give On-Time Neutral as the appointment is around 9am-11am. Well done! But the rest NO rating/ star given from me. Thank you as this will be my lesson for not to give 100% trust base on the review given. " —AMIR SYAFIQ

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