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We offer extensive cleaning services which includes regular house cleaning, renovation before and after cleaning, office/building cleaning services, air-condition servicing, repair and gas filling.

"The cleaners did a good job and very diligent...Thank you" —MrsPopo

"Satisfactory job done" —LAVIN RAJ

"I asked Shan if the cleaners wear mask and face shield twice before confirming booking. He said yes, they follow SOP strictly. Yeah right.

They came with mask but without face shield. One of the cleaners removed mask as soon as she enters my house. I told her she must wear mask, and I gave her a 3 ply mask because she has a fabric mask which doesnt protect me.

Cleaning is 80% done. I had to finish certain areas for them. They left after 2 hours sharp. Left everything in the bathroom without cleaning the last bathroom. And I only asked them to clean important areas of the house, not every corner of the house. Will I recommend them? Nope.

I told Shan from the beginning that I will use recommendpay. He was not comfortable. And after they left, he kept calling me non stop to make payment because its not cash. Why is he so afraid I dont pay?

Recommend.my should educate their vendors on how recommendpay works. This is not the first vendor who is very hesitant to accept payment via recommendpay." —EC

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