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JS FAST Mover is a efficient and proficient moving company that offers full range of relocation, disposal, packing and transportation services. We provide intelligence and manpower services to ensure entire relocation process is smooth and free of hurdles.

We believe that our experience gives us the confidence and will ensure the relocation a stress-free, smooth, secure and enjoyable process. Our professionalism, meticulous strategy and reliability, making every of our client’s move a success story. We believe in building long-term relationships with our clients.

We have developed a approaches to meet the relocation needs of our clients, named it JS FAST MOVERS Process, this simple three-step process enables us to Discover, Discuss and Deliver the positive outcome that fit any customer requirements. Discover is the process of on getting the details of our client relocation request prior organize the move. Therefore, we will did a site survey to understand the actual needs. We will Discuss and communicate internally and externally to facilitate the necessary resources and equipments that fit for the relocation needs. Eventually, with everything in place, we will Deliver your equipments safely and professionally to your destination.

We are deeply committed to our customer and we would like to assure all our existing and prospective clients that we are and always provide finest relocation services.

"Worst ever movers, came with inexperienced movers, with no trolley. Damaged my furniture, summore dare to threaten me. Please dont ever use these movers, beware of their nonsense. " —ben83

"This guys were two hours late, out of two manpower one was hardly speaking English, wrapping was done in an awful way which caused damage of furniture...

After my complaints the guy who was supposed to be owner offered a discount of 50RM!!! and then time came to pay for their services, he said no discount as the price is already low...........

I have everything in WhatsApp as well as pictures of damaged furniture, for those who might be interested." —Pavel

"Terrible service, misjudged capacity needs and then failed to show up twice for second trip - cancelled in the end. Best avoid" —Tim

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