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They wipe and mop without frequent rinsing. Wiped surfaces and moped floor is still dirty after cleaning. I have to vacumn floor after cleaning! Cleaning cloth and liquid are left where the cleaned instead of back to self. Vacumn cleaner is just left in the middle of room without returning to storage.


They miss out to clean 1 ceiling fan. They moved the sofa to clean the windows, but forgot to move back and so the floor cover by the sofa, the dirt wasn't not clear.


The maids were less focused on work, we didn’t sit on maid’s head to get the job done but they should have done things quickly instead of talking and wasting time.


Booked 6pm, 7pm ring my door bell? If you don't respect customer's time you don't open a service based business. We need to sit at home and waste extra time for you? Hello we have our own schedule, not to wait for you like a king.
I ask them to go home, no need to clean already. Not gonna pay.

Seok mun

Great communication and prompt action


On time and happy with the service


Service was good and good pricing. The contractor is very patient and helped us a lot although we keep delaying him. Difficult to find. Highly recommended.




Quite expensive


It was a minor job but they attended to it very quickly and got it sorted out.


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