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house cleaning ( wash clothes , mopping , dish wash, window cleaning and others all)
tow storey house cleaning
Residency unit Cleaning / office and Commercial Cleaning /
Alpha cleaning Services Available seven days week .
working start timing 8am /7pm

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Kuala Lumpur Selangor



Chai Ling

Bad service, not arrived on time and called more than one hour only picked the call and rearrange the cleaner
The cleaner service is bad


Terrible. Arrived late. Ordered to bring own cleaning equipment (RM30) but did not. The boss was rude, when I questioned why the cleaners did not bring own equipment, she just replied sorry and immediately hung up. Money has been paid but can't get any refund. Such a waste of money. Will not recommend and won't use service anymore as the screening of their suppliers are horrible and no proper feedback channel. Thanks for the learning experience of what not to do in a business.


They were 1.5 hour late


Completed the tasks efficiently. Friendly to my cats :)


Kerja tidak berapa bersih


the cleaner really did a great job.. hopefully can get the same cleaner next time.. thank you

[email protected] replied about 2 months ago

Thank u so much get our service

Kai Yau

Was more than 2 hours late. And the quality of service rendered was not good.

[email protected] replied about 2 months ago

We talked to them and worked out all of these things. This customer took work from our employees yesterday. At the end of the three-hour period, he forced our employees to do more work. But my cleaners 20 min give redy free services . All hours 3 1/2 hours . The mother of this customer is angry. she Scolded my employees with a very bad word. Then they threw away all our cleaning equipment. For the two hours of delay, we provided our proper service and added extra service. customer they have worked hard to get the eight-hour workload done in three hours. Find out a bit about this yourself. We have been working in this field for 10 years. He was the first consumer to treat humans as animals.


Good job!

Lee Jin

they came in late but leave on time, lunch during the working hour, they really need to speed up their working movement


Terrible experience, cleaner not punctual, pay but I still get dirty floor, fan unclean, table unclean. The next day say that will clean again for but turn out absent again. Although refund for me, but experience still bad. NO NEXT TIME


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