Industrial Courtyard Design With Natural Light For Terrace House in SS1
Stack of money Estimated price: RM480000.0
Garden Living Dining Room Industrial Completed 1800 - 2400 sqft Link house / Townhouse Patio Bathroom Kitchen

Project Details:

Location: Petaling Jaya

Main works included: Interior fit out, Demolish and Rebuilt

Type of Album: Completed

Property Type: Terrace House

Design Style: Industrial Courtyard

Size: 2300 sq.ft

Cost: RM 480,000

The interiors and furniture pieces were planned to be simple and fuss-free, looking effortless in its place. The combination of these elements was designed especially for our client, given his background and lifestyle, to encompass an ideal balance of modernity and tradition. The courtyard was covered with skylight that allows the natural light to flow into the house, interweaving the indoor spaces with the external. The elegance of the design of this home lies in its simplicity.