by manysh almost 2 years

"very organized and committed "

by Benjamin over 2 years

"Hi, thank you for your quote. I found my emcee."

by Adriana over 2 years

"My siblings and I planned a surprise 60th birthday party for my mom and it wasn't easy when the key person, me, had to be based out of Kuala Lumpur. So i had to get a service provider whom I can trust, won't rip me off, provides quality, reliable and value for money. At the first exchange with Andalusia, I can sense her authenticity and her genuineness to ensure our event will be a success. I was not wrong in hiring her. She delivered as promise, and she was accommodating and patient too with my indecisiveness. Thank you Andalusia! You have helped to create such a memorable event for our family and my mom. I don't believe the negative review about them, because there will always be two sides to the story. In my case and many others, Andalusia delivered and they delivered excellent. "

by NRaaj Selvarajan about 3 years

"This Caterer is a total rip off. Just 5 simple items and the charges are RM37.70 per pax! Plus the person in charge is a lil rude in corresponding. Avoid this caterer! A total rip off"

Syida replied about 3 years ago

"Dear Sir, Excuse me, for being blunt, but your enquiry was quoted, and you did not even confirm or place the order, so please do not make baseless accusations! As a barber, trimming hair for a living, goes charging its clients, on specific cuts, yet , do you count the total of hairs trimmed and cut? Obviously, you can always go for cheap food, nasi lemak or mamak, whichever is in your price range. My company does not cater for such dishes! Good luck to you, Mr. Barber. "

N Raaj Selvarajan replied about 3 years ago

"Again with such response together with the bad reviews from other clients just proved how unprofessional these guys are."

Syida replied about 3 years ago

"I would also not entertain your RFQs, in the future, and I would advise all my colleagues to NOT quote to such a character! Baseless! "

by yongchien over 3 years

"service is good, satisfied with everything"

by michael45 over 3 years

"They were on time and the photographs were okay. The service they provided was excellent. "

by Fei about 4 years

"I had ordered custom made tutu skirt from her.. she is very responsive and spontanous with my queries and request.. item received on time and the quality were good! Will definately recommend to others."