by Chee Heng over 5 years

"Me and my wife were both quite excited but also quite worried for our pre-wedding shoot since we're not the kind of people that shows our loveliness in front of other people.

After meeting Andrew on a casual meet-up, we told Andrew what we were looking for for our pre-wedding photos. And after some discussions, he told us what would he do accommodate what we wanted and what would we need to do for preparations. A very productive meet-up and we're clear on what's the next step is.

Basically we chose Andrew because we like his style after looking at his portfolio of photos, so, there's not much complication on both of our parts.

During the shoot we felt very comfortable working with him because of the two ways communications we had and not just him giving instructions.

Overall he is friendly, professional, and we had fun shooting our pre-wedding photos. It was a good experience. And also the photos turned out to be very nice and lovely and my wife loves them.

If you want me to state his con, maybe it would be he is a little too daring for the shoot location? He took us walking into this burnt forest and part of the forest floor had a lot of ants. I almost had ants crawl up my into my pants. LOL. But the photos from that particular location ended up very stunning and we actually developed and framed it up. :D

Have fun shooting with Andrew!"

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