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Brides and grooms choose Emotion in Pictures for their wedding photography in Malaysia because they value real moments and true emotions captured unintrusively at one of the most significant occasions in their lives. This is what Andy Lim, principal photographer at Emotion in Pictures, has been doing for the past 8 years. Andy and his team strive to capture the myriad of emotions that are experienced by the bride and groom during their wedding, and truthfully document it with minimal interference to the ceremony.

"Interesting lighting techniques and Andy is "quietly friendly"! Five stars!" —caxtonchow

"Everyone loved the pictures he took on our wedding day and dinner! He managed to capture everyone's emotion explicitly! Thanks Andy for the wonderful photographs and service!" —Vimala

"Andy took the best picture we can ask for, and those pictures are been used in our project - Evisa Asia. He understand our requirement very well and he is professional and friendly." —pinlee

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