Emotion in Pictures by Andy Lim

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Brides and grooms choose Emotion in Pictures for their wedding photography in Malaysia because they value real moments and true emotions captured unintrusively at one of the most significant occasions in their lives. This is what Andy Lim, principal photographer at Emotion in Pictures, has been doing for the past 8 years. Andy and his team strive to capture the myriad of emotions that are experienced by the bride and groom during their wedding, and truthfully document it with minimal interference to the ceremony.

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4.9 (based on 13 reviews)


fsimone24 June 2014, 08:26

One of the best investments my husband and I made for our wedding was booking Andy as our photographer or rather, our momentkeeper. True to the phrase, Emotion in Pictures, Andy has a true gift for capturing emotions in even the simplest gestures; in doing so, watching the slideshow and the pictures from our wedding helped us to relive them over and over again. In terms of work ethic, Andy proved himself as the consummate professional – he was prompt in email replies and gave clear, detailed instructions which simplified our own planning for the day.

On the day of our wedding, not only was he punctual and made us all at ease, but during the wedding he was almost ninja-like, capturing moments when we did not even realize he was there! If you are looking for a photographer that will memorialize the beauty of your wedding day, Andy is the way to go.


Selina23 June 2014, 16:36

Once in a lifetime, how do you want it to be?
Andy shot for my pre-wedding shoot, not knowing the lens was not in tip top condition. After checking out the photos, he offered to give me another shoot @ another venue of my choice. And guess what, actually both photoshoot were in excellent condition! I could not detect where had gone wrong but he is such a perfectionist that such little defect (that he deemed to be) is not what he wanted!
Being a great photographer, he makes everyone looks great, regardless of your look, size, height! I was such petite and my hubby is such a man with no emotion. He made us look wonderful in the pictures and my hubby definitely look like a celebrity!!


Nik17 June 2014, 03:12

Professional, courteous, reliable, never missed to capture spontaneous emotions

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