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The company is founded to satisfy the increasing sophisticated needs of consumers with regards to the quality of their swimming pool maintenance and services. We provide professional front to back swimming pool maintenance services and supply a wide range of accessories and equipment related to swimming pool. The company consists of experienced workers, technicians and managers who have been in the industry for decades. Their field experiences enable them to make professional and quality judgement in case any concerns or problems arise with regards to swimming pool.

We are expert and specifically focus on salt chlorinator installation and using salt as the medium instead of using the traditional method of applying chemicals to the swimming pool.

Company's Vision:
1) To increase the awareness on using Eco swimming pool treatment such as salt water.
2) Enable consumers to enjoy premium services with reasonable and affordable prices.
3) Improving people's lives everyday with more refined and less chemical swimming pool water.

Should you need any services or have concerns on your pool, please contact us and we will send our experienced technician to service your needs.

Business Coverage: Klang Valley, Malaysia

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