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We are a construction company providing various services including residential & industrial renovations, plumbing services, roofing works, welding works, waste water & Fire fighting services.

Our company has full in house capabilities and we offer our services throughout Malaysia

We believe that our market advantage is the knowledge & experience . The majority of our works is based on consultant or client recommendations.

Project costing is a major factor on why we have been chosen many times. Our strategy has been to maintain a lean company and hire the additional personnel on a contractual basis. With good procurement and strong project management skills we are able to handover projects to clients on a timely manner and at a fraction of our bulky competitors.

We have undertaken numerous projects with varying scope & levels of difficulty. As for clients requesting swimming pools we have various solutions based on their budget. We work in a professional manner and up to date with proper documentation.

Please feel free to contact us for any further information in regards to ability, quality, experience or technical capability.

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