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AshRens Pan3 is an Online and Home-based business in Puchong,Selangor Malaysia , since 2009. Thanks to all our ever supportive customer for their support and with word of mouth it got us growing.

We offer different types of cakes such as Fresh Cream Cakes, Cheese Cakes, Chocolate Cakes, and Original Classic Cakes, with many different flavor to suit your taste buds. I'm sure anyone from any age can find something they like with our wide range of cakes.

Besides cakes we are also making cupcakes as it's the most requested item these days. If you are having a party or friends gathering why not surprise your friend with some cupcakes, tartlets, cake pops, mini cakes, sugar cookies, jellies and chocolates to add touch to the event.

At AshRens Pan3, all our products are homemade added with heart and passion to bring out a truly unforgettable cake experience for you. We use only Fine Quality ingredients to give you the BEST. Our main goal is customer's satisfaction. We do provide chiller courier service around Peninsular Malaysia.

Happiness starts here...

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