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ASWF offer a full line of flat glass films appropriate for any Residential & Commercial application.

ASWF mission is to provide the most important benefits with our leading products range for Architectural & Automotive Consumers.

Windows are the predominant element of your building envelope;therefore, a third of the load on a building is derived from solar heat gain. Our films can reject up to 82% of total solar energy and deliver reductions in energy costs of 5% to 15% resulting in typical payback periods of two to three years. In addition to a healthy
return on investment (ROI), the energy savings and reductions in CO2 emission which contributes to a better working or living environment. Solar Control Films contributes points toward LEED Certification. LEED
(Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design).

Correct temperature imbalances in your building and reduce tenant complaints relating to hot or cold spots. Eyestrain will be minimized as annoying glare is cut and viewing of monitors and other electronics is improved.
Improve exterior of building with the existing windows. The tone of windows will be deeper allowing the glass to obscure window treatments or other furnishings currently visible through the glass. The glazing portion of the building will have a consistent uniform appearance. The interior aesthetics will also be impacted favorably as well. ASWF films reduce factors that contribute to
fading, thereby extending the life and maintaining the appearance of interior furnishings. Soft filtered light
entering the space will improve the ambience as well. It will also protect the furnishings in the building from the UV Rays from decomposition.

The most important feature is to protect the windows from shattering. It will improved the supports on the windows from breakage of accidents, natural disasters or terrorism. It will also improve on the privacy of your
homes, work place, and etc by selecting films which are one way mirror.

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