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Renovation/Pengubahsuaian/Repair/Membaiki Pelbagai Jenis Ruang
• Proses Mengukur dan Pemilihan Barang megikut kehendak pelanggan
• Penyediaan Sebut Harga/Quotation untuk pelanggan
• Kerja awalan seperti pecah bata dan ‘marking point’ untuk bahagian binaan baru
• Kerja pertengahan seperti binaan dinding, bumbung dan lantai baru
• Kerja kemasan akhir seperti cat, pasang tiles, ceiling

Skop Kerja
• Kerja Struktur Ruang
• Kerja Penyediaan Lantai (Render, Tiles, Mosaic, Vinyl, Laminated Floor, etc)
• Kerja Pemasangan Atap/Bumbung (Truss, Battern, Sheet, Waterproofing, etc)
• Kerja Pemasangan Siling (Skim coat, Plaster Board, etc)
• Kerja Pendawaian Elektrik (1 fasa/3 fasa, aircond, heater, earthing, etc)
• Kerja Penyediaan Dinding (Cat luar/dalam, Wallpaper, etc)
• Kerja Lanskap (Pagar, Kolam Hiasan, Kolam Renang, etc)
• Kerja Pembersihan Kawasan (Tebang Pokok, etc)

"Good quality with a good price but there is some miscommunication on some detail of the job. other than that, good!" —Asrul Zahidi

"They did a good job and also tried their very best to provide value to me on top of just the paint job. I was very happy with that. Only issues were that they didn’t do the job very cleanly. My furniture and floor was stained witth paint in quite many places. Also, the job ended a little off schedule" —eric12378b8

"Very satisfied customer with the final outcome. The team are very responsible and helpful, they did a good job for my exhibition, from planning, discussing, processing until everything is completed. I would definitely recommend AW Builders to the others. And you won't regret choosing their services. :)" —Jenny

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