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Hello, my name is Atta , the Personal Trainer

Imagine, your chosen mobile Personal Trainer (PT) arriving at your
home, at a time convenient to you, providing you with a dedicated 1-to-1 fitness plan tailored to your lifestyle needs, and who sets a personalised programme for you.

No special journeys to the gym, no wasted time hanging around waiting for the treadmill or the weights, and no distractions from others…

Home workouts can quite simply increase your “quality of time” spent training, can often shorten your overall workout periods and thus create additional time for you to spend with your family and friends…

Consider that most gym memberships are paid monthly via credit card & direct debit… Even if you were able to commit to 150 sessions at the gym, that still leaves 200+ days each year that you are paying for it, but actually you're not even there to use.

Imagine for a moment that your home / garden / workplace / park
becomes your gym alternative?

As Well, im a providing insurance and renewing insurance service for Life, as well as General insurance such as house, shop premises, car and motorcycle services.

i can be reach at 0196432448 via whatsapp.

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