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excellent service


I sent the request in the morning and they able to came to my house immediately. With the efficiency they managed to find the problem and fix it in no time. Really appreciate the prompt reply and services provided by them.

Razzaq replied 13 days ago

Thank you ms 🙏🙏🙏


Fast service, less than 1 hour reach home after comfirm booking. Reasonable price

Razzaq replied 15 days ago

Terima kasih sir 🙏🙏🙏🙏


Willing to come on early Sunday. On time and fast.


fast and reasonable price



Jar Hui

Poor service, no professionalism, no itemized bill. The contractor simply gave me an amount as quotation. No detail breakdown, no call, didn't request for photos or anything, didn't inform there'll be an inspection fees even though no repair is done.

They wanted to repair before telling us how much it would cost. When we requested for it, a high number between the in-app budget was given, RM400. When we requested for the cost breakdown, they couldn't give it.

In the end, no repair was done because we didn't want them to proceed without it.

Yap replied 23 days ago

Kes saya, contraktor tiada tanggung jawab, kerja x siap tapi duit sudah bagi... dulu cakap MCO kedai x buka tiada sparepart... skg MCO sudah buka. alasan banyak. Rating - 2 star.


Unsure of what needs to be done and not prepared to do the task. Has to leave to buy the equipment needed to complete the test. Very poor but the charge was very high due clogged drain MYR 400.00

Razzaq replied 2 months ago

Saya ada camplid job awk 400 rm boss


Good job. Faster than I expected

Mie Tahul Khoir

Good and helpful

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