by Norelenna 1 day

"Arrived on time; clean job, knows what they do"

by helen15 3 days

"Fast & thorough in doing the work. "

by YEN 3 days

"Overall the service is good and clean"

by Wendy 13 days

"Booked for 2 cleaners for 4 hours. The 2 kakak are very friendly and they able to do everything on time. "

by Wai 15 days

"Everything going find"

by Greg 25 days

"Firstly they were very punctual arriving just before the agreed 8:30 a.m. start time on a Saturday morning.

They were also very friendly and did an outstanding job, really well done. I'll be using them again. "

by Nurfatihah 25 days

"The workers know very well what they are doing. not wasting time. just need to be supervise. good customer service. "

by FOO about 2 months

"Recommended. If can supervise better job"

by Jason about 2 months

"Fast and clean"

by Sherlwyn 3 months

"Azwan is polite, on time and did a really good job cleaning my house. Highly recommended. "

by Kogil 3 months

"Excellent service and responded fast even when I requested helper only 2 hours before..Experienced helper which requires only minimal supervision.Very good and highly recommended."

by Cecilia 4 months

"There are some area missed out. Need to keep asking to clean here and there.

However, overall is ok. Their attitude is good and friendly. They will still do it properly after being told to do."

by Jayanthi 4 months

"Very quick turnaround on the confirmation, very accommodating on my special requests, pros arrived right on time and took the effort and courtesy to complete their tasks although time limit exceeded. The pros did a very good and clean job, very happy with the service, will surely call again. Thank you Azwan Cleaning, all the best to you!!"

Azwan replied 4 months ago

"Ty Mrs "

by Muhamad Adie Zhafran 4 months

"Very detail cleaning job"

Azwan replied 4 months ago

"tq "

by Amran 4 months

"They understand clearly my instruction & deliver the task accordingly"

Azwan replied 4 months ago


by Bee Lin 7 months

"Overall satisfactory"

Azwan replied 6 months ago

"thank you used my service "

Azwan replied 4 months ago


by Jayne 7 months


Azwan replied 6 months ago

"thank you used my service"

by Ellery 7 months

"Quick reply and good service"

Azwan replied 6 months ago

"thank you used my service"

by Hurairah 8 months

"need more comfort when dealing with cust."

Azwan replied 6 months ago

"i will make improvement"

by Ellery 8 months

"punctual, detailed"

Azwan replied 6 months ago

"thank you used my service"

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