External Review
by Chai Ying Chan over 3 years

"Thanks to Abby and her partner for making me a beautiful bride on my wedding day. I loved the makeup and hairdo very much. Her service and quality deserved 5 stars. Truly appreciated. - review from <a href="https://www.facebook.com/pg/AbbyFooMakeup/reviews/" target="_blank">Facebook</a>"

External Review
by Foo Wei Ming over 3 years

"I am very impressed with my final make up look and received lot of compliments from my friends. Thanks Abby! - review from Facebook"

by Cheryl Lim almost 4 years

"She is very nice and professional makeup artist , I feel comfortable at the whole process."

by Henna almost 4 years

"Passionate and talented freelance make-up artist."

by Eunice almost 4 years

"She a very passionate and good service towards customers. Good!"

by Adeline almost 4 years

"She is a very professional makeup artist. She feel very friendly and nice. I like her service. :)"

by Foo Chew almost 4 years

"She is a passionate and talented freelance make-up artist, she worth 5 star for her effort that she has put in. Keep it up!! "

External Review
by MicoMoco JJ almost 4 years

"She really is a professional make up artist. I loved her make up. Just fantastic! - review from Facebook"

External Review
by Casper Gan almost 4 years

"She is a fantastic and professional makeup artist.  - review from Facebook"

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