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Highly skilled and dedicated Makeup Artist as well as Hair Stylist with an outstanding record of client satisfaction and customer service. Adept at perceiving client’s individual unique skin tone and the corresponding makeup requirements and recommending makeup products accordingly. Ability to work well as part of a professional cosmetology team or independently.

"She is very nice and professional makeup artist , I feel comfortable at the whole process." —Cheryl Lim

"Passionate and talented freelance make-up artist." —Henna

"She a very passionate and good service towards customers. Good!" —Eunice

External Review

"She really is a professional make up artist. I loved her make up. Just fantastic! - review from Facebook" —MicoMoco JJ

External Review

"I am very impressed with my final make up look and received lot of compliments from my friends. Thanks Abby! - review from Facebook" —Foo Wei Ming

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