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Big Gin Na Family Restaurant is the perfect place for the whole family to bond over food, fun and great company.

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I was looking for a kids friendly (in terms of environment and food) venue for my kid's birthday. Well, fast food restaurant are not in my consideration because I was looking for something which is more private and comfy). I was recommeded by someone in a forum about this restaurant at Butterworth and it is just the perfect place for me! Never thought there is such a good option to organize kid's birthday other than McDonald and KFC! Environment and facilities are kids friendly, there is a huge playground on the first floor which will keeps the kids busy all the time! The service is marvelous, staffs are very alert and attentative. The person in charges I dealed with, Yen, is very friendly and accommodative. For the venue, they use wooden floor and guest will have to remove their shoes before enter into the venue. Well, i personally like this arrangement as it prevent kids from getting injure while playing, also it makes people feel homey. Surprisingly there is a brest-feeding room! i hardly found any RESTAURANT equipped with this, thumbs up! About food, it was served in buffet style, portion is just nice, taste is great (and I was made to understand all food served is MSG free). I've chosen the menu contained mixture of chinese and western food (the homemade mushroom soup is superb!) I've ordered sweet potato and pumpkin puree for my guest's baby. Overall, it was a very good and satisfied experience for having my kid's birthday at here, not only the kids can play and eat, but we adults get to chit chat happily, WITHOUT kacau kacau by the kids! I would recommed this kids-friendly restaurant to anyone with kids without hesitation!

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