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Bluewave Network are System Integrator focusing on System and Network Design Integration and roll out, Storage System deployment, Data Center Infrastructure Design and Deployment.

Bluewave Network specialized in network security, data structure, system deployment such as virtual platform and cloud platforms, as well as data center disaster planning and recovery as well.

Our list of services inclusive of below.

~ Data Center Fabric Inter-Connections Networking
~ Data Center Virtualization and Cloud Infrastructure
~ Data Center and Cloud Management
~ Desktop and Application Virtualization
~ Data Center Build Ups for Multi-Tier Design
~ Unified Communication and Collaboration
~ Intelligent SAN Architecture
~ Data Migration and Maintain Service Availability
~ SAN Infrastructure Design and Up-keeping
~ Switching and Routing (Static and Dynamic) Design
~ Wireless and Wireless Security Design and Integration Networking
~ Enterprise Security (Unified Threats Management) and Perimeter Firewall
~ Intrusion Detection and Prevention (Host and Network) Design and Deployment
~ Network Functions Virtualization
~ Data and SAN Backbones Design and Implementation
~ Storage Area Networks, Network Attached Storage & Data Centers
~ Free Space Optics for Building to Building (Site to Site) High Speed Connectivity
~ Web Application / Database Programming (customized as per customer requirement)

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