by khairulizkandar9b8f 3 months

"Very professional cleaners, super fast with extra service! Highly recommended."

by victor52747f 7 months

"Very professional and fair price. "

by CHUAH 8 months

"Not turn up and not pick up the call"

by jamee3c664 10 months

"I wasn't informed that I was going to have two men coming to clean my house, so my 1st cleaning service received were two men. They could do cleaning jobs like cleaning the toilets n reaching up to clean fans n wiping the windows. But the floor cleaning service was quite bad. The floor was still dusty n sandy after cleaning. Then I requested for a change from men to women. The two indon women were good at the first service. On the next service, they arrived an hour late. So, the late hour had to be halved, which is not worth it already. The final service given was alright. The men could understand the way of putting things back in order, however, the women placed the floor mat on my baby's pillow! my bed comforter was placed on the pre-cleaned floor. The toilet cleaning brush was placed on my facial cleaning and toothbrush rack ;( "

by mstanpeileng9c8e 11 months

"Late for 45 minutes although still providing 2 hours service. "

by Aleef 11 months

"Fast and reliable"

by Tyler Tan 12 months

"Great service and fair price"

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